France team – France: Griezmann does not have to fear the shadow of Giroud

Mute for several matches, Antoine Griezmann is going through a very delicate period. But the France and Atlético Madrid striker has the full confidence of Didier Deschamps, who has no intention of sacrificing him.

Returned to the Colchoneros last season at the last second of the summer transfer window, in a spectacular transaction with FC Barcelona, Antoine Griezmann did not have the expected performance at Atlético Madrid despite the confidence of Diego Simeone. At the time of the balance sheets, that of the French striker is more than disappointing, since Griezmann ended the 2021-2022 season with only eight goals, including three in the Championship and four in the Champions League. A record that is not at all up to the talent of the 31-year-old player, especially when compared to his teammates in the France team. Precisely, in the tricolor jersey, Antoine Griezmann remained silent during the two friendly matches in March against Côte d’Ivoire and South Africa. And on Friday against Denmark, Griezmann was transparent, which earned him a deluge of criticism. Nothing to worry about Didier Deschamps.

Griezmann doesn’t deserve a ban with France

Even if his striker’s counter remained stuck at 42 goals in 2022, we must not forget that the Atlético Madrid striker scored eleven times with the France team last year, and Didier Deschamps is not the type to have a short memory. ” Antoine does not come in the best mood and it is not by snapping our fingers that we can put everything back in place. There may be a period when he is less well with his club, even if in the France team, he is often very influential. It wasn’t his best match, Friday against Denmark, but I’m not going to question everything he is capable of doing with us. So there is no worry in these complicated end-of-season situations “, confided the coach of the France team.

Griezmann knows Giroud’s fans are there

However, it would be good for Antoine Griezmann to take advantage of the last three games of the Blues this season to plant one or two goals, just to silence the critics. Because necessarily who says scorer says Olivier Giroud, and on the side of AC Milan one wonders why Didier Deschamps does not call on the one who was ultra decisive in the quest for the Italian title. The second top scorer in the history of the Blues (48 goals against 42 for Griezmann) has no intention of abdicating in the perspective of the World Cup that Olivier Giroud still dreams of playing, even if the national coach does not clearly makes it more of a top choice in its lists. However, Antoine Griezmann should not open the door a little too much.

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