France team – After Giroud, Griezmann soon sacrificed by France?

On the heels of his season with Atlético Madrid, Antoine Griezmann was again disappointed against Denmark (1-2) on Friday in the League of Nations. The striker no longer has the same influence on the game of the France team and the choices of his teammates.

Already in great difficulty at FC Barcelona, ​​Antoine Griezmann managed at least to revive himself in selection. After his complicated season with Atlético Madrid, we therefore thought the striker of the France team capable of bouncing back on Friday. But the tricolor international only confirmed his bad period against Denmark. The playmaker no longer has the same influence on the field, underlines Elton Mokolo, who sees a totally lost Antoine Griezmann.

We are used to saying ‘no news is good news’, but on Griezmann’s side it’s the oppositecommented the Winamax FC journalist. Today we are talking about a player who tends towards anonymity and this is not necessarily what we had expected. In Barcelona former coach Ernesto Valverde explained that Griezmann had to find his place, but it was for Barça. And I have the impression that it is the same thing in the France team. »

From the moment when there is a turning point in the recent history of the French team, where there are areas of influence, with Mbappé and Benzema who are more and more influential, with pistons who like receive the ball well, what do we do with Griezmann? In 2018, Griezmann was the beacon of the France teamrecalled the columnist. And in 2022, there are players like Benzema and Mbappé who have become very important. It’s human nature, we give the ball to the best player. »

Griezmann lost his status

But today the best player in the France team is no longer called Antoine Griezmann. Today it is an element of composition and it must blend into the collective, while being decisive. These are complex things. When your name is Antoine Griezmann, you have a certain ego. In 2018 he was considered the technical leader of the France team. Four years later, it’s not the same thing. We see a player wandering “, Criticized Elton Mokolo, worried for the Madrid player and for the Blues before the 2022 World Cup.

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