France eliminated by Germany

The last time Germany and France met was at the Stade de France for a victory for Les Bleues on the lowest score at La Meinau (1-0). This time, the French women’s team faces the eight-time European champion in this semi-final of the Euro in England. A first for the Blues. At Stadium MK, Corinne Deacon installs the same players as against the Netherlands, a 4-3-3 with Kadidiatou Diani as the spearhead of the French attack. On the German side, a change: Bühl affected by the Covid is replaced by Brand.

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Diani relieves Les Bleues before half-time!

In a complicated first half, the players of the France team struggled to play. Faced with the Germans who put a lot of intensity, the Blues failed to create and make differences. Many faults are committed, which generate the first alert on the French cage. After an incursion from Popp, Toletti fouls and collects the first yellow of the match. Popp takes his chance at 25 meters, it took a good horizontal from the French goalkeeper to avoid the first goal of the match (20th).

Unlike the French, the Germans manage to play. Despite the numerous faults of the Bleues, the Nationalelf managed to open the scoring on a cross from the right from Huth. Despite the French presence, Alexandra Popp passes in front of Eve Prérisset and cuts the offering to shoot Pauline Peyraud-Magnin (1-0, 40th). A historic goal: it is Germany’s 100th goal in the history of the Women’s Euro. We have to wait for a twist of fate and an initiative from Kadidiatou Diani for France to find the net. Helped by the German goalkeeper, Diani sends a shot from outside the box and hits the post. The ball bounces off Frohoms’ back and ends up in the back of the net. (1-1, 44th).

Popp executioner of the Blue!

Back to back on the restart and with no shot on target in the first half, Corinne Deacon made a change to energize the French attack. Bacha replaces Malard on the right side. Les Bleues are finally in the game and are putting on a lot more intensity. In the 61st minute, Delphine Cascarino was replaced by Selma Bacha on the left side of the attack. On a corner, Wendy Renard is very close to giving the advantage to France. Above everyone, the captain pricks his head, but fails to find the frame (64th).

Despite the desire of the Blues, Alexandra Popp emerges and strikes down. A mess in the area with the intervention of Griedge Mbock, the ball is on the left side of the French goals. Recovered by Huth and bis repeated, a cross and this time the German captain takes over Mbock and places a whim to make it 2-1 in the 76th minute. Just before the end of the meeting, Dahlmann is about to crucify the Blues. But his strike is too crossed (90th). With 5 minutes of additional time, the Blue get a free kick at 30m. A distant attempt from Bacha who flies over the goal. Final score 2-1 for Germany and a blow for Les Bleues who saw their dream of a final come to an end against the Germans.

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