Formula 1 | Russell urges Mercedes F1 to stop ‘experimenting too much’

While Lewis Hamilton said he was happy to try things during free practice, lightly tackling George Russell who “has hardly changed since Libre 1”the young Briton affirmed his vision of things and a first opposition to his illustrious teammate on the subject.

Indeed he urged Mercedes to stop “experimenting too much” on set-up during a Grand Prix weekend.

“When you’re so off the pace you want to try everything on your car to try and close the gap. And maybe that’s a lesson for us, we almost have to focus on ourselves and really try to pull the best out of the car rather than experimenting too much.”

“Yes we have to experiment at the moment to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s a bit tricky at the moment, but don’t overdo it. Changing wings like Lewis did, It’s a waste of time in my opinion.”

Russell does not want to let the gap in qualifying on this circuit get him down.

“There’s definitely optimism because we feel we have a direction to go and we think we’ll make good progress. It’s clearly a bit difficult here when you see how far we were from pole. But the race is where we will have to judge. We have a faster car than what we have had on average this season and hopefully it will be a totally different story in the race.”

“We know we have a weakness in qualifying, we can’t really assess that just after this weekend. The pace with a lot of fuel was relatively competitive, we should have a chance against Checo and even Carlos if he doesn’t. hadn’t had a penalty.”

“On the other hand, Max and Charles are one step ahead of everyone at the moment.”

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