Former Lakers guard Malik Monk on why ‘it’ll work out’ for LeBron, AD and Westbrook

Felm Los Angeles Lakers guard Malik Monk told TMZ Sports on Sunday that LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook will figure out a way of finding success together.

While at LAXMonk also explained how playing alongside James helped him reach a new level in his career.

It’s Bron, bro. He gon’ try to help every teammate he comes in contact with,” Monk said. “So, I have nothing bad to say about him.”

He also confirmed James’ previous comments of being the one who asked for Monk to join the Lakers.

“LeBron had a big part of everything,” Monk said. “He had a big part in me coming to LA

Regarding James, AD and Westbrook, Monk spoke on the report claiming the trio spoke on the phone to pledge their committment to one another.

Malik Monk on Lakers’ Big 3 convo

Monk said the trio would work things out on the floor, especially if they’re having those types of conversations.

They grown men,” Monk said. “Especially when they have convos like that, it’ll work out for them. They all great.”

Monk, 24, played alongside the Lakers’ “Big 3” last season and failed to even make the play-in tournament.

Still, Monk displayed moments of brilliance that earned him a two-year, $19 million deal with the Sacramento Kings.

Monk reunited with his Kentucky teammate De’Aaron Fox in Sacramento and will look to implement all the wisdom he learned from King James.


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