forced to stop his career after a concussion, Vahaamahina tackles the leaders of Clermont

In the columns of The TeamSébastien Vahaamahina settles accounts with the leaders of Clermont, whom he accuses of not assuming their responsibilities while the second line is forced to end his career after a new concussion.

On December 10, Sébastien Vahaamahina played the last match of his career. Facing the Stormers in the Champions Cup, the second line from Clermont suffered a broken nose and a new concussion, “the tenth listed in six years”, which forced him to end his career at 31. years, as he explains in the columns of The Team.

“After this concussion, the first ten days were very hard. I had headaches, dizziness, fatigue. A week later, I wanted to come to the stadium driving alone. Asleep in the parking lot when I arrived, I was so exhausted from having driven not even 15 minutes, confides the French international After several medical examinations, I was told that I had a breach in my skull and that cerebrospinal fluid – spinal leak. The risk was that bacteria could enter my skull.”

Clermont leaders targeted, the club defends itself

If he feels better today, Sébastien Vahaamahina points to the lack of consideration of which he considers himself a victim on the part of his club. “In February, I wrote a four-page letter to the President (Jean-Michel Guillon) to express to him my dissatisfaction and my deep disappointment with the attitude of the club. A little later, it was again I who asked to meet the leaders. I understood that the ASM surely had other things to do than take care of its old soldiers.”

The second line asks the Auvergne leaders to recognize “their responsibilities” and to honor “their contractual commitments” to improve the situation. “The club continues to buy time and hope that I give up. I thought I deserved more respect. I am disappointed and hurt”, admits Vahaamahina, who is “ashamed” for Clermont and for those responsible, who “ruined everything “.

Asked by The TeamClermont recalls that Sébastien Vahaamahina “has been on sick leave since his injury on December 10”. The club has received a letter from the FFR to keep it informed of the player’s medical situation. “Its independent experts conclude ‘the need for a definitive cessation of the practice of rugby’. This decision leads ‘with immediate effect, to the definitive suspension of participation in sporting events and activities organized or authorized by the FFR'”, indicates the Auvergne club, which affirms that the “medical follow-up of its players has always been and remains an absolute priority.”

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