Football Rennes – After this striking attack, Bruno Genesio lets go

Often kept away from the media space, training centers are nevertheless places where careers are played out.

The competition and the tension are great there, and it is enough to see the lists now published by the clubs each spring to see that many players see their dream of becoming a professional footballer being shattered at the end of each season. Barely 3% solicited at the start, will sign professional, which should encourage reflection and take a step back. The young people are therefore to be closely monitored, as are the parents, who are even often the source of the problems according to the trainers. This was the case last weekend in Rennes, with the aggression of the director of the Stade Rennais training center Denis Arnaud by the father of Noah Françoise, who plays with the reserve in National 3. A settling of scores filmed and which therefore made noise, provoking the hot reaction of the Breton club. Cold, Bruno Genesio also decided to discuss this delicate situation, and quickly specifying that the Stade Rennais training center was not a place where this kind of behavior had its place, while completely clearing the young player indirectly concerned. .

The problem is not with the players

To condemn is the least of things, because it is not only condemnable but inadmissible, whatever the disagreements, in football everyone has an opinion, but to come to this point is inadmissible. We have no problem, not even with Noah Françoise for that matter. I can say it, because I think he is the first penalized and he has nothing to do with it, because he is a boy who has always behaved very well when he went to training with us. . He has always had exemplary behavior. All the young people who are here are behaving in the best possible way. That’s not the problem, it’s not really the behavior of young players, but of the people around. Sometimes, of course. Luckily not everyone does. “, delivered the coach of the” Rouge et Noir “who knows that this trend seriously worries in football clubs. In France, several clubs have recently announced, in particular with a training strike, that the behavior of parents or accompanying persons disrupts the functioning of football schools or training centers. A problem linked both to human behavior, but also to the exaggerated passions that this sport unleashes.

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