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Bruno Cheyrou is still much challenged for his work at the head of the Olympique Lyonnais recruitment unit. As a result, Les Gones supporters are pushing for the arrival of Mathieu Bodmer, the current sporting director of Le Havre.

Retired from Ligue 1 fields since 2020, after a fine career in Lille, Lyon or Paris, Mathieu Bodmer has succeeded in his conversion perfectly. First on television and radio, where he was the delight of Amazon Prime Video and RMC Sport as a consultant. But also as sports director of Le Havre. Appointed leader of the HAC in June 2022, the former defensive midfielder has already shown all his talent as a DS since his club is on the verge of a rise in L1, with nine points ahead of the third at five days of the end in L2. Suffice to say that Bodmer’s first experience as a manager was a real success.

“Maybe one day I will have the chance to go to a bigger club”

Enough to attract the attention of the biggest French clubs, since according to Saber Desfarges, Bodmer “was approached concretely by a French club and foreign clubs. He’s thinking.”. A reality not denied by the main interested party. “Maybe there will be requests from other clubs, maybe there have already been (laughs). But it’s like everything, you have to be patient and do your job well, learn every day. And maybe one day I will have the chance to go to a club bigger than the HAC.dropped the former player in a report on beIN Sports.

The Lyonnais want to see Bodmer at OL

Now everyone is wondering where Mathieu Bodmer will officiate next season. The Lyonnais, they hope that the former Gone will return to OL to take the reins of the sportsman. Potentially in search of a new sports director, knowing that Bruno Cheyrou is in danger and that John Textor plans to move the lines next summer, Bodmer could be seen as the new head of the gondola for a new project. In any case, Lyon supporters seem thrilled at the idea of ​​seeing the current DS from Le Havre arrive.

But for that to happen, Bodmer will have to be able to have full powers at the level of the athlete, which does not necessarily seem compatible with Jean-Michel Aulas and Vincent Ponsot in the area. Even if, as a former OL player, the Norman also has the merit of knowing a little about the operation of the Rhone club, and appreciates the long-term work carried out by Jean-Michel Aulas.

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