Football OL – OL: A project to cry, he points the finger at Textor – Olympique Lyonnais

Last week, John Textor gave his first solo press conference after Jean-Michel Aulas was ousted at OL.

The new boss of Olympique Lyonnais has not really convinced observers or supporters. It must be said that John Textor occupied the media scene without giving any concrete details on his project. When it came to the potential departures of Bruno Cheyrou or Vincent Ponsot, the American businessman, for example, kicked into touch. Likewise when it was a question of naming names for the roles of CEO or future sports director.

Nicolas Puydebois has big doubts about John Textor

The financial means are also a mystery for the moment while John Textor must still find 130 million euros to pass in front of the DNCG. Suffice to say that for the moment, there is nothing to climb the curtain on the side of OL supporters. In the program As long as there will be Gones on the Olympique & Lyonnais site, the consultant Nicolas Puydebois also expressed his doubts. For the former goalkeeper of Les Gones, John Textor’s project is not complete and everything gives the feeling of being done at the last minute for the moment.

“We feel that Textor wanted to occupy the field with his press conference but that he avoided the most pressing and that his project was not completed. For the moment he takes the place even if he does not have time to do so and he will appoint a future president to guide his project but for the moment, we do not know anything about his project. We don’t have any details, it’s too few for me. Financially, the European place is essential to recruit but today OL is no longer attractive except for salaries and that is why we pay a lot of average players. explains Nicolas Puydebois about John Textor’s project at OL before continuing.

Concerns as the transfer window approaches at OL

“At the sporting level, Lyon no longer attracts anyone. We finish seventh or eighth in Ligue 1. The talents no longer come to OL, they go elsewhere. You have to rebuild a workforce capable of winning on the pitch and capable of putting Lyon back in its place to find an economy that will allow you to recruit and find great players. launched the former goalkeeper of Olympique Lyonnais, very worried about the future of the Rhone club, especially since a European qualification would have helped the project to get started. But the defeat at Clermont on Sunday afternoon almost doomed Alexandre Lacazette’s teammates in the Conference League race.

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