Football Nantes – Nantes refuse to refuse the maintenance bonus

Relegated since their defeat in Brest on Wednesday, FC Nantes is in great sporting difficulty. To revive his team, Waldemar Kita promised a bonus in case of maintenance. This is debated in public opinion but not in the Nantes locker room.

50,000 euros to protect themselves from disaster, such is the bet taken by Waldemar Kita. The president of FC Nantes wants at all costs to avoid relegation of his club to Ligue 2. While his men are in the tough spot with 10 games without a win and two slaps suffered against Toulouse and Brest, he has decided to take matters into his own hands. . The strong words of Antoine Kombouaré no longer pass? The players are feverish? Kita found the solution: the financial bonus. The Nantes president has promised 50,000 euros to his players if they stay in Ligue 1. A classic initiative in France but which is causing debate among supporters and observers.

Moutoussamy wants maintenance and his bonus

Indeed, we consider this initiative indecent. For most, it is abnormal to have to pay players more when they should rectify the situation on their own, without any bonus. Recall that in 2021 already, Waldemar Kita had given them a similar bonus to save themselves, which had been done after the play-offs against Toulouse. So, only money can wake up Antoine Kombouaré’s men? No, answers Samuel Moutoussamy. The Nantes midfielder is determined to save his club, bonus or not. But, there is no question of spitting on this financial contribution. He spoke to the press on Friday.

With or without a bonus, we’re going to fight. We must do everything to maintain FC Nantes, for us, our families, the supporters and the employees of the club. We know how heavy the weight of a descent can be for everyone. […] If in your job, you are not well at some point and your manager, your boss… offers you a bonus, will you refuse it? I am not sure. But I tell you again, whether there is a bonus or not, it does not change my determination to maintain the team. “, he confided in a press conference. A speech of a competitor that he will have to assume on the ground with his teammates because the place of Nantes in Ligue 1 is invaluable in the eyes of its president and especially of its supporters.

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