Football Ligue 1 – Homophobia: Olivier Rouyer is “afraid” while listening to L’Equipe du Soir

The anti-homophobia weekend organized in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 caused a stir, with several players refusing to wear the rainbow jersey. And some debates were at the limit in terms of arguments.

The Professional Football League took advantage of the World Day Against Homophobia scheduled for Wednesday May 17 to organize an operation in the two championships. An operation which consisted for the players to wear a flocked jersey with a number in the colors of the rainbow, and for the captains to see an armband in the same colors. And the least we can say is that if we talked about this, it’s because several players refused to be on the field so as not to wear this jersey.

This decision gave rise to many discussions, with politicians entering the dance. During L’Equipe du Soir, the journalists gathered discussed this situation with sometimes convoluted opinions. What push Olivier Rouyer, who came out after the end of his football career, to intervene in video.

Olivier Rouyer appeals to footballers

Regular guest of L’Equipe du Soir, of which he is a columnist, the former lieutenant of Michel Platini, who peacefully assumes his homosexuality, admitted to having been amazed. ” Yes, this operation is a success. But listening to you, I’m scared and I understand why there is no coming out in football. When we listen to you, and you have expressed your opinions and your sensitivities, if there is a footer who is gay who listened to you this evening, he must think to himself that he cannot say that he is homo. I hear the questions you are asking yourselves, the interpretations, frankly, you scared me. I was like, “What the hell am I hearing.” You are going to look far (…) Wearing the rainbow jersey is to make people understand that we must be tolerant, that we must love each other, even if it is utopian (…) I understood the stories of religion, of country, but you have to continue and explain to the players that it does a lot of good for teenagers. By wearing the jersey, they bring hope, they are not there to say that they are all gay. Above all, we must not let go and the League will not let go “said the former player of the France team.

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