Football England – Ang: 600 ME more, Abramovich redeems a conscience

Forced to sell Chelsea after the sanctions imposed by the English government, Roman Abramovich has revised his price upwards. The owner of the Blues, considered a supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, would claim around 600 million euros more for the good cause.

At this rate, the sale of Chelsea may take another few weeks or months. The owner Roman Abramovich, forced to sell at the beginning of March after the sanctions decided by the English government, has still not acted on the takeover. Three candidates are still in the race to win the bet. But no agreement has been reached yet. It must be said that the leader considered an ally of Vladimir Putin is not easy to satisfy.

Chelsea for 3 billion euros

The London boss initially claimed 2 billion pounds (2.3 billion euros) from interested investors. Before revising its requirements upwards. According to several British media including Sky Sports, Roman Abramovich would have asked potential buyers to add 500 million pounds, or approximately 592 million euros, to their offer. Thus, the total would be around 3 billion euros, which would allow the Russian owner to donate more money to charity.

Indeed, the businessman had announced his desire to offer the net proceeds of the sale to a foundation for the benefit of all the victims of the war in Ukraine. A way for him to restore his image, all on the back of the future buyer who will have to finance the seller’s outpouring of generosity… In total, according to Roman Abramovich’s new request, an estimated amount of 1.2 billion euros. euros could be donated to charity. It remains to be seen whether takeover candidates Stephen Pagliuca, the consortium of Todd Boehly and Martin Broughton, supported by Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams, will accept this strange condition.

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