Football Bordeaux – Bordeaux: Zapped by Lopez, Giresse is disgusted

Legend of the Girondins de Bordeaux, Alain Giresse notes the fall of his favorite club. The technician would have liked to help the Marine et Blancs and regrets that the management never asked him.

With four points behind the barrage Saint-Etienne, three days before the end of the championship, Bordeaux has very little chance of remaining in Ligue 1. It would take almost a miracle to allow the Girondins to avoid the relegation. Even if he keeps a slim hope, Alain Giresse has understood the urgency of the situation. He who went to Matmut Atlantique last weekend to watch the defeat against Nice (1-0). A useless trip for the former Bordelais, who regrets that the owner Gérard Lopez does not ask for him.

Honestly, it’s awfultold the legend of the Girondins to the daily Ouest-France. I see the matches that follow one another where nothing works. The team does not manage to trigger a process of revolt. I was with Marius (Trésor) at the stadium on Sunday, I come as soon as I can but what’s the point? I have the impression of having no use, of suffering in silence. I am an observer-supporter, I can’t contribute much more than to say that it hurts me whenever I have the opportunity. I hope the club will continue, that’s the basis. The rest will take years anyway. »

Giresse skeptical of the rebound in L2

As for the possibility of starting on better bases in Ligue 2, the coach of Kosovo remains skeptical. ” Economically maybe, I don’t know, I’m not inside the club. But frankly, starting from scratch is easy to say. You have no guarantee for the future, nor the idea of ​​how long it will take to return to the top flight. Some will cite the example of Strasbourg, but for a good example like this, how many historic French football clubs never come back? The descent would be really unfortunate to say the least “Warned Alain Giresse, pessimistic for his favorite club.

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