Football Bordeaux – Bordeaux in Ligue 2 with a knife to his throat?

Nineteenth in Ligue 1, the Girondins de Bordeaux are in a very bad position four days before the end of the championship.

Beaten by Nantes this weekend in a crazy match (5-3), Bordeaux is first relegated and is trailing by four points over Saint-Etienne. Obviously, David Guion’s team is not very far from Ligue 2 but as long as mathematically, the maintenance is possible, the Girondins de Bordeaux will believe in it until the end. In any case, this is the message displayed by Admar Lopes during an interview in the columns of L’Equipe on Thursday. The technical director of the Girondins de Bordeaux acknowledged the mistakes made by the Bordeaux management and also mentioned the possible future of the Aquitaine club in Ligue 2. His message is clear, the only solution for Bordeaux to get away economically will be to go up in Ligue 1 next season. Otherwise the future could be cloudy on the side of the Matmut Atlantique.

Gérard Lopez’s project threatened?

“The president has a network that few people have. It is more useful to travel and seek economic solutions for the future of the club than to remain locked in an office. That doesn’t prevent him from knowing everything. I talk to him and the coach talks to him every day. He put people he trusted at the club. Even if he is not always at the training center, we are talking about someone very active, who participates in all decisions. Then we must not forget that without Gérard Lopez, we would not be talking about the Girondins de Bordeaux in Ligue 1. Is his project viable in Ligue 2? The only option in this plan B is to go back up immediately. Plan A is to stay in L1. I believe it “ launched Admar Lopes, for whom the Girondins de Bordeaux will absolutely have to succeed in returning to Ligue 1 from the 2022-2023 season in the event of a descent in May. Otherwise the future of the Girondins will be threatened, at least in the project of Gérard Lopez.

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