Foot PSG – PSG: Furious, Icardi has bad news for Luis Campos

Totally out of it this season with Paris Saint-Germain, Mauro Icardi seems to want to become a footballer again. Bad luck for PSG, the Argentine striker does not want to leave for the transfer window.

This is probably all that Luis Campos hates, the new strongman of the capital club, Mauro Icardi spent the year skipping training to settle his sentimental problems with Wanda Nara, eating well, his physical form being fluctuating, but not to have the behavior of a professional footballer. In other words, the Portuguese leader will have no trouble firing the player recruited by Leonardo at Inter, where the Italian leaders were also fed up with Icardi and his intrusive wife. However, at PSG, Mauro Icardi has an XXL salary (10 million euros per year), and he knows full well that no European club will offer him such financial conditions, especially if he is so little involved in his team. And as his contract lasts until 2024, all the conditions are met for the trap to close for Paris Saint-Germain. Of course, the comments made by the Argentinian striker on Monday confirm that the problem will be hard to solve on the side of the Parc des Princes.

Mauro Icardi scandalized that we doubt his career

Ulcerated by an article published in the Gazzetta dello Sport, where the journalist said that Mauro Icardi was going to have to find a new club on his return from vacation with Wanda Nara in Kenya. Alessandro Grandesso, author of the paper in question, made fun of the Argentine player “ which seems very far from European football and he questioned the fact that he is still a real professional. Obviously, despite the fact that he is in Africa, the Argentine striker, whose name had circulated in various Serie A clubs, jumped on social networks to respond to the Italian journalist. “JI’m in Africa Alessandro, next year I’ll let you organize my vacation if you want. Or are these discussions just bullshit like every year? When I scored 30 goals per season, there were the same arguments. A career about to change? I still have two years left on my contract. It doesn’t seem as close to tipping over as you’re letting on with that bullshit you write. At 29, don’t worry, with the almost 200 goals I’ve scored, everyone knows me pretty well. And I decided to stay at PSG and be available to the club. Thank you very much, I embrace you very much from Africa, with the gorillas, the lions and all my friends who have more respect than a journalist like you. Goodbye “retorted a Mauro Icardi, visibly pissed off. To see what the PSG and Luis Campos think of all this, because on the side of the Parisian supporters we no longer want to hear about the husband of Wanda Nara.

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