Foot PSG – Neymar and PSG panicked for not much

While Collectif Ultras Paris showed their displeasure outside the Paris Saint-Germain headquarters on Wednesday, other supporters expressed their anger near Neymar’s home. An action condemned by the club of the capital, even if the fans knew how to remain measured in their initiative.

The demonstration at Neymar’s home did not pass. Back against the Brazilian, supporters of Paris Saint-Germain wanted to show him their anger on Wednesday. ” Neymar break up! “, could hear the attacking midfielder, in this unacceptable action for the club of the capital. ” Paris Saint-Germain condemns in the strongest terms the intolerable and insulting actions of a small group of individuals, which took place this Wednesday “, reacted the Ile-de-France management.

Whatever the differences, nothing can justify such actsthe statement continued. The club gives its full support to its players, its management and to all those concerned by these shameful behaviors.. For its part, the Collectif Ultras Paris, which had demonstrated in front of the club’s headquarters, also condemned this initiative. And yet, the daily Le Parisien tells us that members of the association were present in Bougival.

Neymar was not in danger

These fans nevertheless remained measured in their actions. Indeed, the regional media indicates that the demonstration lasted only a few minutes. Very quickly, the police intervened to interrupt the scene, but did not find ” no degradation or scuffles “. A witness confirms that the supporters present did not attempt to physically attack Neymar.

He didn’t feel threatened oncetold this fan. As soon as we arrived, we were taken care of. There were a few chants and it settled down like that. There was no intrusion attempt. There was no intention to hurt him or hit him. It was just a way of making him understand our displeasure. “More fear than harm for the number 10 of Paris Saint-Germain, little spared by the mayor of Bougival, but defended by his neighbors.

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