Foot PSG – Lionel Messi has 10 reasons to break everything at PSG

The season ends in two weeks for Paris Saint-Germain, and we cannot say that it has been great for Lionel Messi. But the seven-time Ballon d’Or has very serious reasons for breaking everything in 2022-2023.

PSG obviously hit very hard by bringing Lionel Messi free last summer, the Pulga leaving Barça with tears in their eyes, but also a good kick in the behind signed Joan Laporta. The president of Barcelona did not want to do a lot to keep the one who has done so much for the Catalan club, the financial situation of the Blaugrana being in the purple. Paris therefore welcomed the legendary Argentinian player, who took the Ligue 1 club into a new dimension in terms of marketing, but not really in terms of sport. Because Leo Messi’s record is very poor, and it is even obvious that this is his worst season, not only statistically, for many years. Holder 22 times in the Championship, number 30 scored only 4 goals, a starving result, but which may have an explanation.

Leo Messi at the post, PSG is living a bad dream

As crazy as it may seem, Lionel Messi did not score a single goal from a free kick, his great specialty, but in addition, and this is a great first for him, he touched a post or the crossbar 10 times. , including twice on Sunday evening during the Troyes reception at the Parc des Princes. A score never achieved in Ligue 1. These 10 failures can be interpreted differently, but in the Ile-de-France daily we want above all to be positive and see in them 10 reasons for a superb next season for the former Barcelonan at Paris Saint-Germain. “ Leo Messi, not exactly in verve against Troyes, is closing a season which will remain as the most disappointing of his long career. She urges resilience and a rematch next year “, announces Frédéric Gouaillard, who wants to believe that the 34-year-old Argentinian can only do better next season.

On the side of the media specializing in Paris Saint-Germain, these 10 posts, and especially the crestfallen face permanently displayed by the Argentine star, are beginning to seriously doubt that he will be at the level next season, whatever Le Parisien says. . ” Messi is no more than a shadow of himself, we love the player, but it’s not working anymore, something has to be done (…) We may say that it’s not the worst, but it would be hypocritical to say that, we don’t expect Messi to be an average player. The guy shows no desire, it’s delusional “Writes the account @MediaParisien while @PSGCommunity is seriously annoyed:” Messi I’ve never seen him hesitate so much before hitting since he’s been at PSG… Hit Lionel, damn it, send a cannonball I don’t know, but pierce those nets for me. “There are two games left this season for the Pulga to respond to all these criticisms and silence doubts about his motivation to play in the Paris jersey, even though he is determined to stay until the end of his contract.

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