Foot OM – Sale OM: Saudi Arabia has the green light!

The season is ending in Europe, and Saudi Arabia is very happy with its first investment in football with the acquisition of Newcastle. The rest should come with developments planned in Spain and France, where all eyes are of course on OM.

Long totally excluded from investing in sport, Saudi Arabia later imitated its neighbors by buying Newcastle. Immediately, thanks to copious investments, the Magpies went from a team in the fight for maintenance to now a qualified formation for the next Champions League. A success on the sporting level, and also from the point of view of the image, as Newcastle and its Saudi owners do not make waves, while the agreement with the Premier League was difficult to find to show their credentials at the start .

Saudi Arabia is accelerating!

As a result, the idea of ​​continuing these investments in football is now an objective of the Kingdom, which intends to repeat this kind of practice with other clubs, in other championships. This is announced by a Saudi journalist on Twitter, with a message that necessarily concerns possible future takeovers in France in particular. “ I think the success of the Saudi Public Investment Fund with Newcastle will accelerate their plans to invest more in Europe, particularly in France and Spain. “, launched Atef Nahass, who follows the news, the development and the investments of Saudi Arabia in Europe.

For observers, there is no doubt that Saudi Arabia will try to buy Olympique de Marseille, whose owner Frank McCourt has already lost several hundred million euros. A sum that he could obviously find if he were to sell OM, given the price at which football clubs are selling at the moment. Result, for the media Team Football of Thibaud Vézirian, it is the signal that the red carpet takes place between the Provençal club and the Saudis. ” OM seems obvious as things have changed at Olympique de Marseille over the past 2 years, a transition period that is obvious. It is not clear which other club could be referring to Atef Nahass “, thus assures Team Football, which recalls that the PIF is the 6th largest investment fund in the world with 620 billion dollars in assets estimated in 2022.

What also better to understand why Saudi Arabia had not acted more quickly in Marseille, knowing that there was the expectation of a reference investment on the side of the Premier League. This one being undeniably a success, the development could therefore affect Marseille in France and Almeria in Spain, to take over these clubs. To the point of making OM a European stronghold and a real competitor to PSG in Ligue 1? For the moment, despite the encouraging signals and the tempting prospects, this remains a possible outcome, but not yet a certainty.

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