Foot OM – Sadio Mané admits to loving OM, transfer window alert!

Coveted by Bayern, Barça and PSG, Sadio Mané remains unclear about his future this summer. He has been making strong statements lately and the last one will score. After the match against Benin on Saturday, the Liverpool player revealed that he loved OM.

2022 promises to be special for Sadio Mané. In selection, he finally won the CAN with Senegal and is looking forward to the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year. At club level, he suffered a disappointment losing the Champions League final with Liverpool when it was possibly his last game with the Reds. Arrived in 2016 on the banks of the Mersey, the Senegalese is not extended beyond June 2023, the deadline of his contract, and is therefore one of the potential starters for this summer. He already has suitors in Europe with Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona and PSG.

Mané at PSG? Difficult, he likes OM

On the Parisian side, we could see ourselves attracting this player who is as talented as he is relentless in his races. But, despite the Parisian sports project and significant financial assets, PSG is dropped in this case. The overlapping information excludes the Parisians from the battle for the attacker of the Senegalese selection. The latter has also stunned the heads of the Parisian leaders in his last statement, given in the mixed zone after Senegal’s success over Benin on Saturday evening. Mané revealed that he appreciates a French club, PSG’s rival, OM.

A preference between Bayern and Barcelona? You got me in trouble with the Liverpool supporters. I will simply say that the 2 teams are not bad. After all, I’m not a fan of these teams, my team is OM! I’m going to say OM instead “, he said. Words that have a funny meaning in this period of transfer window. However, Marseille supporters will not ignite. Indeed, seeing Mané land on the Canebière seems very unlikely to date.

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