Foot OM – OM: Tudor in commando operation, Payet and Guendouzi targeted?

Already a heat stroke at OM after not even a month of Igor Tudor’s presence. The Croatian technician and his method are not unanimous.

The results of the preparation matches are obviously to be taken with a grain of salt, as everything is very quickly forgotten when the season really begins. Nevertheless, at a time when the numbers are filling up and the minutes allow players to get up to speed, OM’s performances in friendly matches do not help to bring serenity. The last defeat, Friday against Middlesbrough (2-0) hurts. The improvised change of coach at the beginning of the month has put in place Igor Tudor, who will have to do what Jorge Sampaoli did not believe possible: do well in the Champions League, and go for the podium again in Ligue 1. If the ‘Argentinian had a strong character, he tried to take his whole group in his wake. Obviously, Igor Tudor has a much less catchy method, and much more muscular.

The shadow of Sampaoli still present

Thus, according to La Provence, we are closer to military behavior than to a coach close to his players. The tone used is obviously often muscular, and it does not spare the strong heads of the locker room. Even if it means going into a clash with hot characters, and deemed close to Sampaoli, like Dimitri Payet and Mattéo Guendouzi? This is an issue that cannot be ruled out as the Croatian is trying to find his place by force. For the moment, the season is only in its preparation and everyone is putting water in their wine, but the tension is palpable. The local daily affirms it, the good atmosphere is to be combined with the past. ” The smiles, very present in 2021-2022, have in any case disappeared from a bunkered Commandery “says La Provence, for whom the arrival and then the express departure of his deputy Mauro Camoranesi remains a revealing episode. A situation which could become cumbersome, even if OM can count on their capital of confidence from last season not to sink into extreme tension too quickly. But for that, we will clearly need positive signals, with the integration of rookies, and performances of a better level than embarrassing defeats against teams far from Champions League level.

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