Foot OM – OM: Tudor cost Marseille the title, Jonatan MacHardy attacks

While Olympique de Marseille is preparing to play a small final in the race for the podium, or even for the title, against Lens on Saturday, Jonatan MacHardy did not hesitate to attack Igor Tudor.

OM are having one of the best seasons in a long time in terms of accounts, with 70 points pocketed in 33 matches. But that will probably not be enough to win the title of champion of France under the nose and beard of PSG. Unless Marseille dominates Lens in the clash of the weekend in L1 and Paris continues to crumble by losing to Troyes on Sunday. Which remains unlikely. In any case, if OM can have regrets in this title race, it’s because the Phocaeans stupidly lost points on the way in the middle of the season, when Igor Tudor had somewhat lost the keys to his squad. It is also because of certain Tudor choices that Marseille will not win a trophy this season, according to Jonatan MacHardy.

“If it hadn’t been so closed, Marseille would be playing for the title”

“Tudor made a lot of mistakes during the season. If it hadn’t been so closed, Marseille would be playing for the title. His mistakes are due to stubbornness, misplaced pride. OM lost far too many points during the season, especially at home. He persisted in making choices when he saw very well that it wasn’t working. During the period after the World Cup, he was not inspired, either in his choices in defense or in his coaching. Because of all that, OM lost two months in their season. Afterwards, Tudor has merit anyway, because he arrives after the resignation of Sampaoli, the day of the resumption of training. He benefited from a transfer window of very high quality. Now I expect from Tudor that the good work that has been done this season will be even better next year. Because he will have no more excuses, when a lot of things have been done and that we would not have let go with another coach.launched the RMC consultant, who therefore hopes that Tudor will pass a milestone next season so that OM can compete with PSG in L1 while performing in the Champions League.

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