Foot OM – Igor Tudor abandons OM, he has found better!

Bloodshed at Olympique de Marseille, with the announcement by the Italian press of Igor Tudor’s decision to end his adventure in Provence after only one year. The Croatian is convinced to sign in a very big club quickly.

Decidedly, being a coach of Olympique de Marseille turns heads. After Marcelo Bielsa in 2015 and his disciple Jorge Sampaoli in 2022, Igor Tudor decided to leave the Provençal club when everything led to believe that he would continue the adventure. For his first season in Marseille, the Croatian technician took a little time to be accepted, before finally succeeding in an honorable season. A place on the podium, even if it is the 3rd, an audience that responds present because of the proposed game, and a good understanding with its leaders despite the many changes in the workforce during the transfer window, the former coach of Verona seemed left for a second consecutive year.

Igor Tudor whispered at Juventus Turin

He had the support of Pablo Longoria and took advantage of the last press conference on Thursday to explain that he was going to calmly make a point with his leaders at the end of the season. Despite this, Igor Tudor has no intention of continuing at OM, and will stop everything after the 38th day. It is the Sport Italia media which reveals it exclusively, the Croatian coach has already made his choice and this is not to continue with the club which today celebrates the 30th anniversary of its coronation in the Champions League. According to the Italian media, the decision is made and it is almost irrevocable.

The prospect of seeing his workforce be completely turned upside down during the summer does not delight the Croatian technician, even if it would not be the main reason for this sudden stop. His motivation would rather be linked to the fact that his correct passage at OM allowed him to shine in the spotlight, and he would have the possibility of having several offers to occupy a more prestigious sideline next season. Recently, his name has been whispered on the side of Juventus, where he played in the past. However, it would not be the only club that would have courted him, and Igor Tudor obviously wants to give himself the chance to join a very ambitious formation on the European level. To the point of leaving OM with their beaks in the water with this decision if it were to be confirmed in a few days, at the end of the championship.

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