Foot OL – Henrique judges OL’s chances, Blanc reframes him – Olympique Lyonnais

Back in the race for fifth place in Ligue 1, Olympique Lyonnais must hope for missteps from its competitors. The Brazilian Henrique therefore has an eye on the course of Lille and Rennais. Which does not please coach Laurent Blanc.

Five days from the end, Olympique Lyonnais can still hope. Alexandre Lacazette’s teammates, who we thought were definitely left behind not so long ago, are only six points behind fifth place in LOSC, a qualifying ticket for the Europa League Conference. In this context, it is difficult for Henrique not to take a look at the careers of Lille and Rennais.

Henrique attentive to the calendar

I looked at the calendar of our opponents and I know that they have complicated matchescommented on the left side before the reception of Montpellier on Sunday. We will have to take advantage of this chance, but above all we have to stay focused on ourselves. Indeed, the Brazilian has no interest in dwelling on the competition. And for good reason, this state of mind does not please coach Laurent Blanc at all.

No you have to winadvised the Cévennes. Catch up, make calculations, watch all the matches of potential opponents, no. I’m not, I tell you. I don’t rush to find out anything, what interests me is winning matches. Look at the calendar? It’s a waste of time. Because it doesn’t change anything for you, whatever the result of our opponents, we have to win. So let’s see what we have to do. »

Afterwards, if you want to spend time analyzing other people’s results, you do it, but it won’t change what you have to do.explained the technician. So why worry about it? It horrifies me when I hear: “it can give an additional source of motivation”. Do you sincerely think that when you play a match against an opponent, you need an over-motivation if you know that your direct opponent has lost or won? No offense to Laurent Blanc, OL are not masters of their destiny.

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