Foot OL – Aulas will not let go of OL for years – Olympique Lyonnais

Follower of theatrical outings, vengeful press releases or small sentences to weld the group, Jean-Michel Aulas has already gone far in his statements in the past.

But rarely, as after the match against Montpellier, he had put his future in the balance. Tired not by the bad results but by the regular problems with the supporters, the president of OL threatened to drop everything if ever things continued to deteriorate at the end of the season. A threat caused by anger at the incidents against Karl-Toko Ekambi in particular, but which says a lot about the current tension, and perhaps also the weariness of Jean-Michel Aulas. However, a few days after this muscular outing, his right arm Tony Parker wanted to clarify things. Asked about BFM Business about his position if ever “JMA” were to let go, the former basketball player, now president of ASVEL and in close contact with Aulas, assured that it was not at all on the agenda. . Quite simply because the Rhone leader is not going to let go soon.

Tony Parker Sports Minister? He answers

For the moment no. Jean-Michel is a very long-time friend and we are in the same family because OL has invested in my basketball clubs. For the moment, Jean-Michel is the president, and he still intends to stay for a very long time. I am here to learn. And I’m lucky to have someone like him to learn the business. I’ve said it plenty of times before, I think he’s the most successful president of the last 30 years. What he did with Lyon, what he built is very, very strong. If I will take over? We’ll see “, explained Tony Parker who also denied any desire to be the future Minister of Sport in the future government of Emmanuel Macron. For the two files, the more political one and that of the future of OL, the businessman with multiple investments is however still announced to be very well placed.

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