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Round 22: And Sainz makes short work of Alonso! He is 5th!

Lap 21: End of the safety car, Verstappen now leads this Grand Prix, followed by Hamilton, who is competing in his 300th race, and Perez. Russel is still behind the Mexican while Sainz is already 6th!

Lap 20: “Nooooooooooo”, exclaimed Charles Leclerc on his radio. Terrible mistake for the Monegasque but his tires seemed to be in agony… Ferrari’s new fault?

Lap 19: Everyone takes the opportunity to go to the pits and Sainz was not far from the disaster he brushed an Alpine when coming out! Beware Ferrari!

Lap 18: Leclerc crashes and the safety car is deployed. It’s terrible for the Monegasque!

Round 18: RedBull asks Verstappen to push: “Push, push”

Lap 17: Passage of Verstappen to the pits to put on hard tires. He comes out 7th. Fear of the undercut for Ferrari!

Lap 15: Ocon is 8th at 4′ from Norris, but still has to stop for an additional 5 seconds on his next pit stop. Gasly is 14th, 4′ from Albon.

Round 14: Sainz has already moved up to 10th place on his hard tyres. Ferrari hopes for a top 6, which should be achievable for the Spaniard.

Lap 13: It’s George Russell’s turn to come back on Perez visibly in difficulty on this Paul Ricard circuit. He is only 1′ from the Mexican.

Lap 12: Leclerc’s engineer offers him plan B, asking his opinion. Pirelli is counting on a stop between the 13th and 20th lap for the mediums, we will see what Ferrari does.

Lap 11: The gap is more around the second now between Leclerc and Verstappen for the lead, Perez is almost 3 ‘from Hamilton.

Round 10: The RedBulls do not catch up with their opponents, the rubbers of Verstappen and especially Perez seem to be suffering behind Leclerc and Hamilton!

Lap 7: The single-seaters of Leclerc and a little more for Verstappen, seem to be slipping a lot. The tires are expensive in this battle.

Round 6: And Verstappen on Charles Leclerc now that the DRS is authorized! The reigning world champion oscillates between 3 and 7 tenths behind the Ferrari. Unsuccessful overtaking attempt by the outside in the Bosset!

Round 5: Perez puts pressure on Hamilton to recover 3rd place!

Round 5: Note that only Sainz, now 14th, Gasly, 16th, and Bottas, 17th, started with hard tires.

Round 4: Penalty of 5 seconds for Ocon after his collision, it’s not the weekend of the French!

Round 3: Verstappen is in the DRS zone of Leclerc, less than a second away when Hamilton is already relegated to more than 4 ‘.

Lap 2: Tsunoda spun after colliding with Ocon. The Frenchman is 9th, but watch out for possible damage…

Round 2: Sainz has only gained one place, he is 18th, unlike Magnussen who is already 13th!

Round 1: Head to tail of Yuki Tsunoda who tumbles to last place after his good qualification!

Round 1: Good start for the first two, Leclerc and Verstappen, Hamilton does the right thing and takes Perez’s place!

2:53 p.m. : I’m going to watch the start from the windows of the press room, see you right away.

2:52 p.m. : Charles Leclerc and his Ferrari will be alone against the two RedBulls of Verstappen and Perez. The former Ferrari driver, Jean Alesi, believes that the Scuderia no longer really has the right to make mistakes against the “Panzerdivision” of RedBull.

2:48 p.m. : The strategy will be essential this Sunday afternoon when the temperature of the track climbs to nearly 60 degrees, which will influence the deterioration of the tires. We rather start on a strategy with two stops, against one in normal times. You can read this paper on the consequences of heat on machines, and pilots:

2:45 p.m. : Take advantage of this Grand Prix de France which could be the last for a while since the contract with the Paul Ricard circuit comes to an end this year. The spectators answered present, the stands are full to bursting with many French flags and an atmosphere of madness when the Marseillaise resounds!

2:43 p.m. : Come on, we left to follow this GP of France together. The drivers are on the grid, and we are in the starting blocks in the Paul Ricard circuit press room.

Hello everyone on this Sunday in July from the Paul Ricard circuit, at Le Castellet, where Lede France will start at 3 p.m. Charles Leclerc won pole position on Saturday thanks to the suction offered by his teammate Carlos Sainz. But the Spaniard will not be able to repeat this effort in the race since he starts from 19th place after changing engine. The Monegasque will therefore have to fight alone against the two RedBulls of Max Verstappen 2nd, and Sergio Perez, 3rd. With 38 points behind the reigning world champion, Charles Leclerc and no longer really have the right to make mistakes.

The strategy will be very important on this Paul Ricard track which displays 50.1 degrees on the ground, and which will have a major impact on tire degradation. If a one-stop strategy seems most effective in normal times, many teams should opt for a second stop. But the pit lane lost almost 30 seconds per pit-stop. On the French side, we hope for a comeback from Esteban Ocon, who will start from 10th place on the grid and especially from Pierre Gasly, extremely disappointed after qualifying on Saturday, who will start in 14th.

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