FC Nantes cries scandal after the song of shame on Emiliano Sala

After almost a year of being away from stadiums due to the covid-19 epidemic, supporters were able to find the stands during this 2021-22 financial year. A season marked by numerous incidents and controversies with the fans of certain teams. OGC Nice was not spared, particularly with the unfortunate events that occurred during the shock against Olympique de Marseille last August. Which obviously did not serve as a lesson to the supporters who exceeded the limits last night. During the meeting between the Aiglons and ASSE yesterday at the Allianz Riviera (4-2 victory), some OGCN fans launched chants against the former Nantes player Emiliano Sala, who died in a plane crash in January 2019.

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“He’s an Argentinian, who doesn’t swim well, Emiliano underwater, Emiliano underwater”, thus intoned the supporters. A way for them to take revenge on the Canaries, winners of the Coupe de France against Nice on Saturday evening (1-0). A simply shameful act that has aroused many reactions from the football world. Former Nantes player Valentin Rongier from Marseille said on Twitter: “what a shame ! It’s disgusting !” He is not the only one to have been disgusted by this outrageous and disrespectful song. After the meeting, the Riviera club regretted these incidents in a press release. Christophe Galtier, he pushed a huge rant while apologizing to those close to the Argentinian.

Nantes is outraged

β€œI have no adjective to define what I heard. In the locker room, the first reaction was not joy. The players have all heard. I know that the club intervened with a press release but on behalf of the entire locker room, I would like to apologize to the family of Emiliano Sala and to FC Nantes. You can hear a lot of things in a stadium. There were a few people. There were only three of them and if that’s the reflection of society, we’re in deep shit (…) I don’t see what the memory of someone who died in a tragic accident has to do . It’s surreal. (Long silence) I have no words. Let them stay at home (he repeats). You can’t hear that in a stadium if it’s to insult the dead, if it’s to throw bottles, that they stay at home. We will win without these people..

These incidents also came back to the ears of Nantes, necessarily scandalized by such actions. β€œFC Nantes is shocked by the songs of some Nice supporters. FC Nantes discovered with horror the tenor of the songs of certain supporters of OGC Nice and can only strongly condemn such actions degrading the memory of Emiliano Sala. At the same time, FC Nantes would like to thank OGC Nice and its coach Christophe Galtier for their support and their firm condemnation of such remarks. FC Nantes as a whole supports Emiliano’s family and loved ones.can we read on the press release.

Nice big risk

At a press conference after his team’s success against Rennes last night, Antoine KombouarΓ© was very upset: β€œHuman bullshit has no limits, I am outraged. I don’t know what to say because I would risk being very violent. These guys don’t give a damn in a stadium. We would have that as supporters (in Nantes), they should be banned. These are people who should no longer have their place in a stadium. It is shameful. He left our Emiliano. I feel sorry for Emiliano’s family. I knew that sometimes the supporters could be violent, could be idiots but there they are really donkeys. There are no words to describe the bullshit of these people..

People who risk penalizing their heart club. According to RMC Sports, the Professional Football League is following this new case very closely. If ever the referees noted these facts in their report, the Aiglons could risk a lot. Indeed, they are in a situation of recidivism, they who had been sanctioned with two withdrawal points, including one suspended, and who had to replay the match against OM on neutral ground and behind closed doors. Also sentenced to three matches behind closed doors, Nice had accepted the sanctions. This time, the LFP could hit harder. What Nice, fourth in the L1 standings and still in the race for the podium and a place in C1, would have gone well.

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