Fans rage over ‘The worst thing that has happened in the history of the world’, demanding ‘major change’ as NASCAR’s much-hated decision looms for renewal in 2024

NASCAR has been a beloved sport for decades, with fans tuning in to watch high-speed races, cheer on their favorite drivers and enjoy the unique experience the sport offers. However, recent announcements regarding NASCAR’s television rights renewal have left many fans angry and frustrated.

Despite assurances from Fox Sports CEO Eric Shanks that the network is working hard to remain a NASCAR partner for years to come, fans are calling for “major change” and even saying the situation is “the worst thing to ever happen.” happened in the history of the world”. .” What is behind this outrage and what does it mean for the future of NASCAR?

NASCAR Broadcast Renewal: Potential Broadcaster Change?


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The current controversy began when reports surfaced that Fox Sports and NBC Sports were likely to renew their partnership with NASCAR beyond 2024. Although the news is not surprising, given that the networks are the main broadcasters of the sport since 2015, it has raised concern among some fans. on the quality of coverage they provide. For many viewers, the main problem is the number of commercials during the races.

Broadcasts are often interrupted by long commercial breaks, which can disrupt the course of the race and frustrate fans. Some viewers also criticized the commentary and analysis provided by the networks, saying it lacked depth and insight.

Fans outraged by news of potential renewal

Fan reactions to the news of the likely renewal were quick and vocal. Many have taken to social media to express their disappointment with Fox Sports and NBC Sports, calling for changes to the way races are broadcast. Some have even gone so far as to say they will stop watching NASCAR if the networks continue their current practices.

A fan tweeted, “Well, Nascar needs to tell Fox to revise their coverage because it’s not helping the sport. Also, I really hope FOX and NBC can take turns covering the Daytona 500 like they did at the start. in the mid-2000s. Another said, “I wish Fox would go away.”

Several fans have also expressed their willingness to attend the races in person rather than watching them on TV if coverage does not improve. A fan wrote, “I guess there will be races this summer, I’ll have to go see in person if I want to see them then lol.” While another tweeted, “There must be massive changes in both stands if they stay.”


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The overall message from fans has been clear: they want to see major changes to the way NASCAR races are broadcast. Although Fox Sports and NBC Sports are eager to renew their partnership with the sport, they will need to address their viewers’ concerns if they wish to retain their viewership.

Fans are clamoring for fewer commercial interruptions during races, more insightful commentary and analysis, and a better overall viewing experience. They want to see the networks make changes to their coverage, including the length and placement of ads, the channels used for races and how practice and qualifying sessions are broadcast.

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Whether the networks are ready to make the necessary changes to meet these demands remains to be seen, but it’s clear that fans won’t settle for anything less.

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