Evan Fournier takes a cash position on the Rafael Nadal controversy!

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Never the last to give his opinion on boiling current issues, Evan Fournier has done it again in recent hours vis-à-vis the sports controversy of the moment. He spoke bluntly about the recourse used by Rafael Nadal to win Roland Garros!

Like the biggest NBA stars, each of his successes comes with harsh criticism. Rafael Nadal has therefore not escaped this phenomenon following his recent victory at Roland Garros. Titled for the 14th time in his career at Porte d’Auteuil, the Spanish tennis player was not, however, a favorite because of a serious injury to his left foot. The treatment he used to ward off this physical glitch has long been debated.

In turmoil, Rafa Nadal supported by Evan Fournier

In order not to feel the constant pain that his foot makes him feel, Rafa resorted to infiltrations. A very common medical procedure in many sports, but for example prohibited for cyclists. This has therefore earned him strong criticism in recent hours, including that of barely masked Thibaut Pinot. Surprised by the French runner’s tweet, Evan Fournier reacted to it without filter on the social network:

Internet users have therefore tried to answer the question of the rear of the Knicks. According to them, this message from Pinot is due to his frustration at not being able to use infiltrations himself in his sport, he who has spent the last two difficult years due to injuries. Nevertheless, Fournier remains surprised and disappointed by this position, and even more by its form:

In the eye of the storm for his use of undercover at Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal was the subject of a scathing commentary from Thibaut Pinot. Something to annoy Evan Fournier, a supporter of this kind of treatment!

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