Euro: Amandine Buchard bows in the -52kg final

Arrived in Sofia as the holder of the continental title of -52 kg, as world number 1, Amandine Buchard was beaten Friday in the final by the Briton Chelsie Giles (on a counter in golden score), third at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

“I was useless. I’m disgusted, I didn’t do the job”

The Frenchwoman, Olympic vice-champion in Japan, was very severe towards herself: “ I was zero. I’m disgusted, I didn’t do the job. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I was less juicy than usual, I had plans to make, I didn’t make them: look for the sleeve, put up the right arm. I got annoyed instead of being patient. That’s what made me lock myself in my kata-guruma, I paid for it. It’s done well for me. I got annoyed, locked in my basics, I wasn’t aggressive enough. I had come for a second title. I didn’t have a very good day, I said to myself: ”we’ll try to finish on a good note”. In the end, it’s a failure.

Some fights, I should have won them faster. I was European champion, in the final against a girl that I have always beaten. She progressed but I didn’t do the job. I was very stressed, I didn’t trust myself enough, I panicked a little. I got annoyed, for me shido (penalties) did not fall fast enough or some too severe. I shouldn’t have refereed myself, it takes me out of my game. It’s my fault. I didn’t come for a silver medal. It gives me a good little kick in the ass. We’re going back to work. »


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