“Eternity”, the RMC Sport film on the dazzling Real Madrid-Manchester City

On May 4, Real Madrid overthrew Manchester City at Santiago-Bernabeu in the semi-final second leg of the Champions League (3-1), to win their ticket to the Stade de France. Ten days later, RMC Sport looks back on this magical evening, with new images as always, and as often when it comes to Merengue, a French hero.

Pep Guardiola was warned. The Catalan coach had seen, at the beginning of March, Real Madrid and Karim Benzema defeat PSG in a few minutes. He had seen, in mid-April, Real Madrid and Karim Benzema shower Chelsea’s dreams with two bursts of genius. But Pep Guardiola couldn’t do anything.

On May 4, Manchester City thought they were the team that would end Madrid’s Champions League run this season. The epic was beautiful, the twists exciting, but the Skyblues, models of technical and tactical mastery, were to be the gravediggers of Spanish hopes.

Victorious 4-3 in the first leg, the English team seemed to have done the hardest part of the return, opening the scoring in the 73rd minute on the lawn of Santiago-Bernabeu, on a fine strike from Riyad Mahrez. In the 80th minute of play, City was thus virtually qualified for the final. At the 89th too. And then… and then the Madrid magic worked. Still.

The faith of a people, the experience of a goalscorer

Magic, or faith, this way of believing in oneself, of believing in the impossible. On two flashes of Rodrygo in the space of two minutes (90th, 91st), Real snatched the extension.

The rest was almost written: Karim Benzema, French hero, Merengue hero, obtained a penalty, offered it to his young Brazilian comrade who refused the offering, and took care of it, like the new boss he east (95th). 3-1, third comeback for Real, who will join Liverpool in the Champions League final on May 28 at the Stade de France.

With its film “Eternity”, RMC Sport invites you to relive the highlights of this meeting, but also to discover new images, untapped angles, and scenes of incomparable joy.

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