Esport-Trackmania: the Gwen-Affi duo wins the Trackmania Cup at Bercy

The baccalaureate, the Elysée, and a third consecutive title on Trackmania for Gwendal “Gwen” Duparc. At only 17, the Breton ended his crazy week with a victory at the Accor Arena in Bercy, this Saturday evening, during the tenth edition of the Trackmania Cup – hosted by streamer Adrien “ZeratoR” Nougaret.

He had won those, disputed almost entirely online, of 2020 and 2021, in solo then in trio. This time accompanied by the Swiss Sébastien “Affolter” Affolter (BDS), the GameWard player dominated the grand final (the two members of each duo had to reach a certain number of points and then win a race to win, in the semis then finally).

Great favorites, to the final victory and of the vast majority of the public present at Bercy, Carl-Antoni “CarlJr” Cloutier (Solary, five times titled) and Brendan “Bren” Seve (Karmine Corp) had, them, fallen from the second half – against Gwen and Affi, in particular. A huge surprise, after a confrontation with an absurd scenario, settled during the last possible race.

If CarlJr had validated his ticket first, Bren, struggling, missed several opportunities to qualify the duo before being overtaken in extremis by Affi who issued his. An “air conditioning” like Bercy knows how to turn on when it comes to esports – Misfits in 2017 and G2 in 2019 on League of Legends can testify.


The Trackmania Cup audience peak this Saturday, reached during the second semi-final on ZeratoR’s Twitch channel.

Probably freed after this crazy episode, Gwen and Affi won the final quite well. The first thus becoming the first to win the Trackmania Cup in the three formats of the competition. He thus won especially for the first time in front of a large audience – 15,000 people were massed in the stands of the enclosure which was to host the event since 2020 – proof of remarkable mental strength for such a young player… who will probably not have the opportunity to defend his property a fourth time.

I’m not going to announce anything to you this evening but it seems to me that this Bercy, this tenth edition, is a superb conclusionslipped ZeratoR at the very end of the event. The Trackmania Cup has reached its peak. It was a great goodbye. » The end of a cycle.


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