Esport – Teamfight Tactics: four Frenchmen to conquer the world title

For the fourth edition of the World Championships Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games has seen bigger. After a qualification phase spread over several months, there will be 32 players, from all over the world, to share a cashprize of $300,000 (or €270,000) during an online final phase this weekend. More than ever, the hexagonal scene impresses with its density, since there will be four of its representatives to claim the title, from Friday to Sunday. Presentation of French chances.

Emre “Double61” Demirtas (Karmine Corp), in search of the double

Winner of the very first TFT Worlds, recent European champion last month, Emre “Double61” Demirtas knows he is one of the scarecrows of the tournament. “Coming back three seasons later and regaining them, the story would be beautiful”, says the Karmine Corp protege, who does not dodge the favorite sign. Still a high school student, at only 18 years old, he impresses with his speed of execution, which he takes from his competitive past on other games, including Fortnite and Clash Royale.

Even if he still has to combine with his school hours, which prevents him from training full time, his aura is worth to him to be very feared by all. “It’s the one I fear the most…because it’s Doubleexplains his compatriot Mathieu “Les Collegues” Nencioni. He plays little, which makes it difficult to analyze his games, but he has a talent that always allows him to be on top. » Benefiting from the largest fanbase of participants, he also knows that he can count on his unfailing support throughout the weekend.

Éric “Voltariux” Gadchaux (Solary), World objective

Among the best in the world on World of WarcraftÉric “Voltariux” Gadchaux threw himself on TFT upon its release and also plays the leading roles, as evidenced by its recent second place in the European Championship. Renowned for his regularity, the “Boar” finally wants to convert the test to the intercontinental level: in 2020, at the time of the first title of “Double61”, he had already taken part in the world final, finishing in fourth place.

Since then, a healthy rivalry has developed between the two French, representatives of Solary and Karmine Corp, antagonistic structures. “He’s a really scary player. Double61 analysis. Even if he doesn’t have a crazy speed of execution, he has an excellent game vision. He knows how to come back from complicated situations and if he has favorable circumstances, he converts them into top 1. He will necessarily be there. »

Mathieu “Les Collegues” Nencioni, the newcomer

Less known than the other French players, Mathieu “Les Collegues” Nencioni is however on an upward slope. Last week, the Lyonnais won the Gamers Assembly, a LAN bringing together several of the best French players, a few days after his podium at the European championships. A good omen before his first Worlds, which come to reward his first year ” full time “ on TFT.

“This is the first season to which I have been able to devote myself 100%, whereas before I was a student or I worked, says “Les Collegues”, 23, who should resume his medical studies at the start of the school year, after hesitating about his orientation in recent months. It’s clearly hard work that got me here, as well as the support of other players. » Qualifying as a player ” flexible “he is aiming for the final, a goal “completely doable” and prepare for the occasion “some hidden strategies” with other top French players.

Grégoire “Un33d” Bodin (Aegis), facing himself

Tears streamed down Grégoire “Un33d” Bodin’s face on March 27 when he finally validated his ticket for the Worlds. “I’ve been trying to qualify for the Worlds since the first edition, he says, his eyes now very dry. It’s a very proud moment, the culmination of four months of really intense hard work and it’s very moving. » Former professional on Hearthstonea competitor since the release of the game, the Grenoble player had until then often been the victim of his own stress.

“I always felt a lot of pressure during competitions. I had stress, a tenseness of all the muscles, which I couldn’t separate myself from. But lately it’s been much better, because my new team, Aegis, has provided me with a psychological coach., he enlightens. Within the popular structure founded by influencers, Un33d also has at its disposal a strategic coach, a first for a TFT player. A welcome help for a player recognized by all for his rigor of work.


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