Eric Cantona launches into the song and will go on tour

Eric Cantona (57), former striker for the France team and Manchester United, embarks on music through two songs he wrote and composed, and which he will perform during a tour which will begin in Manchester in October.

After football, cinema, theater or painting, Eric Cantona (57) embraces a new form of art. The former striker from Auxerre, Marseille, Nîmes or Montpellier launches into song through two first songs, unveiled on June 2, which he wrote and composed himself. He previewed it on his Instagram account.

“I always thought that singing on a stage in front of an audience should be the most intense thing to experience, which could provide an adrenaline close to that created by sport, he confides in The Parisian. There will be imperfections in what I will propose. But I love these accidents that create great moments.”

He promises a song “very powerful, on music composed by Gaëtan Roussel”

He will then embark on a tour next October with a first date at a theater in Manchester. A city where he is considered a legend by Manchester United supporters after spending five years there. But he is not afraid of this performance in public, which he does not really compare to the pressure of a match in front of 80,000 spectators. “In football, I started young, and I gradually played in front of 100, then 500, then 1,000 people, he underlines. What I feel today is more like the months before my first time in the theater. , where I was immediately thrown into the deep end. It’s not fear, it’s excitement. We often confuse stage fright, which paralyzes, and excitement, which galvanizes.”

Cantona is not really at his first steps in music since he recalls having composed “all the lyrics of the album of Rachida (Brakni)”, his wife, in 2012, and those of the song “Le temps passe” , in 2017, for the Lady Sir group that she formed with Gaëtan Roussel. “I had chosen to write it under a pseudonym, Auguste Raurich, my great-uncle’s first name and my mother’s maiden name, he explains. It was a way of dribbling the a priori, to people take this song seriously.”

He also reveals to have written a new song “very powerful, on music composed by Gaëtan Roussel”. “I find that expressing oneself through art has more impact, he concludes. And if, in the end, it has no impact, at least there will remain a work – well, which I consider to be such – rather than the feeling of having been taken for a moron chatting at a bar counter.”

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