Eldin Medjedovic reveals how Novak Djokovic approached his son Hamad Medjedovic

Hamad Medjedovic’s father Eldin reveals Novak Djokovic had a very friendly approach when he met his son and it helped the 19-year-old become relaxed around the 21-time Grand Slam champion. Medjedovic, 19, is one of the most promising players and Djokovic provided a plan of what should be the next steps in the 19-year-old’s development.

Also, Djokovic offered to cover all the financial costs and he is doing it simply because he wants to help a promising Serbian player achieve his tennis dreams. “Did all of that put a little pressure on him? Well, the best in the world is calling you.

He was a little nervous before meeting Nole. However, even there, thank God, Novak knew how to approach him. I was present when Novak came and said to him: ‘What’s up Medo? How you doing Hame?’ so he hugs him and calls him to play a game of basketball.

Novak contributed a lot to Hamad’s relaxation. When they were together on preparations in Montenegro and we talk on the phone and I ask him: ‘Son, how is it going with Nole?’ Hamad says everything is great, so I ask him: ‘Are you asking him for some advice?’ and he says: ‘I don’t build a relationship with him like that, only a friendly one because he treats me like a friend, so I would like to be his friend too.’

Today he is a rich man who has friends,” Eldin Medjedovic told Sportal.

Djokovic congratulated Medjedovic on winning a Challenger

In early July, Medjedovic lifted his first Challenger title after winning the Luedenscheid Challenger as a qualifier.

On the day of the Luedenscheid final, Djokovic was playing his Wimbledon last-16 match. However, Djokovic still found some time to congratulate Medjedovic on his first big title. “Notice this, he is a champion, he plays such an important tournament and he finds time to be interested in other things.

He found out that Hamad won the tournament and just before the match he found some time to send a message of support. All these things say a lot about Novak Djokovic,” Eldin Medjedovic added.

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