Eagles News: Two Philadelphia rookies make ‘All-Draft Pick Team’

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2023 NFL ‘All-Draft Pick Team’: Our favorite picks at every position
Jalen Carter, Philadelphia Eagles (1st round, #9). Carter has all of that as perspective — and he did it with the situation he was drafted into. His explosiveness and his passing shots will give him a third value, especially on a defense that has just lost Javon Hargrave. Carter has an impressive combination of anchor, hands and agility as a running defender, and he won’t have to shoulder the burden alone as he shares snaps with Jordan Davis and Fletcher Cox. Carter was arguably the most talented player in the class and joins a defense that posted garish backfield production numbers last season. […] Tyler Steen, Philadelphia Eagles (3rd round, No. 65). It should be fun. Steen is a powerful and explosive former defensive lineman who signed up at Vanderbilt to become Alabama’s starting left tackle in 2022. He has some technical work ahead of him, especially with his feet and general finishing consistency. However, the Eagles have the best offensive line coach in the NFL (Jeff Stoutland). At the very least, Steen will be a valuable swing lineman.

Kelce gives some impressions of Carter on OTAs – NBCSP
“I’ve never liked comps, but I think sometimes when you see a guy and it reminds you of another guy, there’s something about it,” Kelce said. “When you move anatomically like someone else who was a good player moves and you lean the same way. I think that’s one thing. So that begs the question: Who does Carter do you to? think? “I haven’t seen it enough to say that,” Kelce said. “We just lost a really, really good D tackle to (Javon) Hargrave and we still have Fletch (Cox). He reminds me of sort of some elements of a bit of those two guys. He’s thick in his lower body like Hargrave was, but I’ll be interested to see what his hands look like. I only noticed the strength of gripping two players in my career One is Fletcher Cox the other oddly enough is Clay Matthews The Eagles lost Hargrave on free agency to the 49ers but brought Cox back on a one-year deal for his 12th season in 2023. After Kelce and Long took a brief detour to talk about Matthews’ surprising grip strength, Kelce came up with another name. from a guy that Carter reminds him a bit. “He kind of has a (Commanders Pro Bowl DT) Daron Payne going for him too, just body stature,” Kelce said. “He bends really well. Daron also sits with his ass kind of down, sort of in a 2 split stance even when playing a 2 split technique. That’s kinda how he kinda looks in his stance . I haven’t seen it enough yet to tell, but I’m just wandering around. You just saw someone lift weights. …

Jason Kelce named top 30 NFL players over 30 – BGN
Understandably, the veteran takes time after each season to reflect on his retirement, but Kelce has spoken several times this offseason about how he still wants to play and still feels like he can do it at a high level. It didn’t really look like the end for Kelce after the Super Bowl loss, and there’s still so much potential for the Eagles roster in 2023, but it’s still a sigh of relief when he confirms his return. Jordan Mailata is certainly happy to have Kelce around for another season, and explained how Kelce is the epitome of a football player and called him a true leader.

The EPA Podcast #25: Ranking Positional Groups in the NFC East – BGN Radio
Shane Haff and Victor Williams rank the NFC East position groups for the four teams in the division in addition to ranking the coaches.

Mailbag: Should the Eagles add DeSean Jackson, Zach Ertz, Julio Jones, Budda Baker, Matt Araiza or (fill in another recognizable name)? – Philly Voice
I’ve been asked several times if the Eagles should sign Araiza, so okay. The short answer… I don’t have an answer ‍♂️. I can watch All-22 and decide whether a guy can play or not, and obviously the guy can throw, but I have no idea what kind of person he is. Just because he was cleared of criminal wrongdoing in that case doesn’t necessarily make him a saint, and his legal battles are apparently not over. I have no doubt that Dom DiSandro has done his research on the matter and Araiza himself, but I have no information on what he and the Eagles were able to find. I guess if the Eagles were comfortable with Araiza, the person they already brought in.

Appreciate Nick – Iggles Blitz
Two bad seasons for Sirianni after a 4-win year to end the Pederson era would have made for desperate times. The easiest thing to do would have been to go with the big name (Josh McDaniels) or whoever was the hot name at the time. Instead, Lurie and Roseman rolled the dice on a little-known offensive coordinator. Sirianni’s hire turned out to be the equivalent of an 80-yard TD. He is 23-11 in two seasons. He made the playoffs both years and made it to the Super Bowl last year. Sirianni helped turn a late second-round pick into a star QB. He and his team did a terrific job schematically. The Eagles’ offense had defensive players looking confused almost every week last year. The Eagles are good and fun to watch. The players remained healthy. They look happy. Sirianni pushes all the right buttons. He became one of the best coaches in the NFL.

Where are they now? S Quintin Demps – PE.com
The Eagles got a safety that had the hands of a wide receiver and the running ability of a halfback in the 2008 NFL Draft when they selected Quintin Demps from UTEP. After finishing his college career with 17 interceptions, two of which he returned for 100 yards for touchdowns during his senior season, third-team All-Americans were disappointed not to be picked until the fourth round. “I was excited, but I was also a little angry because I didn’t make the first or second round,” Demps said. “I ran a 4.3 (40-yard dash) at the Combine. Today, they act as if nothing had happened. But back then, a security running a 4.3 was a big deal. I thought I would jump, that’s for sure. Looking back, I was just ungrateful. But overall it was joy and excitement. Shown the ropes during training camp by veterans like Brian Dawkins, Quintin Mikell and Jason Avant, his welcome at team time didn’t include embarrassing haircuts or the like. Instead …

Where do the Giants position groups rank in the NFC East? – Large Blue View
The NFC East quarterback’s situation is hard to decipher. It depends on how much credit/blame you give each team’s quarterback for the team’s success/failure. No NFC East QB is in the top five in the NFL in my eyes. Vacchiano may feel differently. He argues that Hurts is the best two-way (passing, running) QB in the league and easily ranks him first in the division. He can be. Did Hurts take a big step forward from 2021, when he wasn’t seen that way, to 2022? Or did adding AJ Brown to an offense that already had Devonta Smith and the best offensive line in the NFL make a difference? Some Giants fans think Daniel Jones is better than Dak Prescott. He can be. Jones never had the receivers and offensive line that Prescott had with the Dallas Cowboys, while Prescott put up big numbers and took his team to the playoffs more often — but never to a championship game NFC. That’s an advantage for Prescott for now. That could change by the end of the season. The only certainty is that the Washington commanders are ranked last at the moment, with unproven Sam Howell as the ostensible starter.

Dallas Cowboys updates: Mike McCarthy says Tony Pollard involved in OTAs, Terence Steele not ready yet – Reuters
The Cowboys lost running back Tony Pollard to a fractured fibula in the Divisional Round loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Offensive tackle Terence Steele was lost a few weeks prior. McCarthy noted that the former has been involved recently through walkthroughs, but the latter isn’t quite there. The Cowboys have been coy about how they’ll approach the offensive line this year. On the surface, they have a starting five (including Steele) that most of us trust, but the inevitability of life without Tyron Smith casts a shadow that the team will have to address at some point.

Three players I expect to skip in 2023 – Hogs Haven
In 2022, Darrick Forrest exploded onto the scene and was an absolute threat in the deep secondary. Starting at free safety since the start of the season, Forrest was on 81% of snaps defensively (and his special teams snaps have dropped to 24%). Forrest finished the season with 4 interceptions, two forced fumbles and 88 tackles, and did so with enough lethal style that he earned the nickname “Forrest Thump” from some fan base admirers. . To some extent, Forrest played safely in Kam Curl’s shadow last year, as Curl has played well for three straight years now. However, at the end of last season, I had a distinct feeling that Forrest’s ceiling is actually the higher of the two and that he will end up being the most valuable player for years to come. I’m sticking with that, and it’s not meant to be a slight against Curl, who was an impressive talent by any measure. This year, I think the duo of Forrest and Curl is recognized as one of the best in the league, and Forrest (and, perhaps, Curl) will be heavily considered for postseason honors.

A college football player invented a balaclava to reduce concussions – SB Nation
When Johns Hopkins sophomore defensive back Carter Hogg was in pre-K, his dad Jason used to take him to work. With his Bob the Builder umbrella in tow, he sat and watched, taking notes as his father worked on new technology for a credit card company. Now as a student-athlete, Hogg is using the entrepreneurial and inventive spirit passed down to him from his family to create the G8RSkin, a protective device that could reduce the risk of concussion in sports. contact, all with family in mind. “Growing up around my dad and all the different ideas and concepts he came up with, it kind of inspired me,” Hogg said in a Zoom interview. “I was blessed to have this inventive side imbued in me by my father from an early age.”

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