Dugarry’s secrets on Zidane’s future

Unemployed since leaving Real Madrid in 2021, Zinedine Zidane is regularly advertised in some major European clubs. Christophe Dugarry however estimated in Rothen ignites, Thursday on RMC, that there was no urgency to resume service for Zinédine Zidane, who can afford to wait to find the right project.

Zinedine Zidane led his last match as coach on May 22, 2021, more than two years ago, during a Real Madrid-Villarreal. Since then, the Frenchman has been discreet and even if rumors have sent him to several major European clubs, he has still not returned to service. “I don’t want to see Zidane without a club, explained Jérôme Rothen in Rothen ignites, Thursday, on RMC. I think that football needs coaches like him. It seems logical to me that he leaves this summer. If he doesn’t come back, I’m going to be chomping at the bit.”

But Christophe Dugarry, friend of “ZZ”, believes that the triple winner of the Champions League at the head of Real has every reason to take his time. “He’s not too difficult, he has criteria, desires, justifies “Duga”. Coaching to coach doesn’t mean anything, or else you become a football official. He still has the passion, he displayed his desires, he did not hide behind his little finger, but he is not ready to accept everything and anything.

“He is not going to go astray in a club that does not interest him”

The 98 world champion took the time to recall Zinédine Zidane’s journey as a coach, which was built little by little. “He has the advantage of having succeeded in this role. He has passed all the stages or almost brilliantly. He is not going to get lost in a club which does not interest him, which does not please him, where he does not is not able to pass on his knowledge of football, his passion.”

Where Jérôme Rothen advises Zidane “to open his wallet” and not to be “focused on two or three clubs”, Christophe Dugarry thinks that time does not change anything and that “Zizou” will find a base when he does. will wish. “The strength of being called Zinédine Zidane and above all of having succeeded as he did as a coach, is having the choice to resume when he wants to and when he has the right project. ” For this summer in any case, “ZZ” does not have to worry, he should receive offers.

As RMC Sport recently explained, Doha has still not given up on its dream of seeing Zinedine Zidane at Paris Saint-Germain. The former Real Madrid coach has made Juventus Turin his priority. But the legend of the Blues is also a name regularly mentioned in Qatar, among the owners of PSG.

RW with Rothen ignites

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