“Does the jockey care a bit?” – Two-time Kentucky Derby winning equestrian reviews, a hotly debated fan query, leaving Dale Earnhardt Jr fascinated

The Kentucky Derby is a revered horse race for any jockey. Steeped in tradition and history, it is synonymous with excellence in horse racing. If that’s not all, the Derby is also one of the oldest sporting events in the United States. It is therefore not surprising that the sport continues to attract fans from other fields. But what does this annual horse race have to do with NASCAR, you might be wondering? In one of the latest videos uploaded to the NBC Sports YouTube channel, we see Hall of Fame jockey Jerry Bailey chatting with Dale Earnhardt Jr..

Coming from two forms of the same racing spirit, the duo concludes an interesting discussion.

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Talking to Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jerry Bailey clears the air around betting odds


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Dale Jr took it upon himself to ask Bailey a question that most fans have. THE NASCAR the legend asks, “As viewers, we all talk about horses. We are talking about odds, horses. Does the jockey care a bit about this horse’s chances? »

Jerry informed him, “I don’t make more money if my horse is 150 to one than if it’s two to one. This is for bettors.

Well, odds ultimately mean nothing on the course. He explained, “The only difference for us in terms of the odds is when you’re a big favourite. All the other competitors know you’re the favorite and you have a target behind your back.

“But if you’re fifty to one, you’re completely under the radar, and nobody cares about you, and nobody thinks about you.”

The odds seem to have their way of affecting jockeys and racing. Most certainly, they can act as a measure of fan expectations.

Experts name their favorites for the Kentucky Derby

Horse racing fans have already prepared for the derby. Predictions, research and odds, they have them all. But surprisingly, predictions on defending two-year-old champion Menez see him struggling in the race. That’s quite surprising, as six wins in seven career starts, with $2.4 million in career earnings, nearly double any other horse in the 2023 Kentucky Derby.

The doubts that have been raised relate to his speed and that too in a longer race. Even though the odds are now three to one for him, it remains to be seen how that plays out.


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The list will also see that Tapit Trice and Angel of Empire have odds of 5-1 and 8-1 respectively.


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In what is sure to be two adrenaline-pumping minutes, the suspense remains as to who will take the win.

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