Disturbing text messages and an adjourned trial

New small delay in the trial of Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha MAtturie, accused of numerous rapes and sexual assault (they plead not guilty). The trial has been adjourned to next Monday due to “new elements”.

“Additional information that has emerged” has delayed the trial of Benjamin Mendy and his co-defendant Louis Saha Matturie. The lawyers having to study these elements the trial has been adjourned to next Monday where the complainant number six, who should have spoken this Thursday, will be heard.

Instead, the jurors listened to a series of messages and text messages between different plaintiffs, but also between plaintiffs and Mendy.

“One of the girls I know was raped by Mendy. I found out today. It’s crazy!”

Text messages neither incriminating nor discharging but which shed light on different aspects of the case. In particular, we discover messages from complainant number three (who accuses Mendy of having raped her in January 2021) who tells a friend that she had already been aware of accusations of rape against Mendy. “One of the girls I know was raped by Mendy, she wrote in the message before continuing. I discovered this today. It’s crazy! Yes it was recent.”

A little more cloudy the rest of the conversation with this individual: “We are going to the footballer. [Qui?] Mendy.”

She then sent messages after that party where she told the same man she was sexually assaulted by Mendy, all explaining that she doesn’t know if there were any witnesses.

“You were funny”

The most disturbing text messages took place between complainant number 4 and Benjamain Mendy himself. It is especially the temporality which is to be noted since she accuses Mendy of having raped her in July 2021 but the messages date from August 2021.

Benjamin Mendy asked her what she was doing. The woman’s first two responses were “In bed” and “And you?”. The tricolor defender asked him to go home with a “come see me”.

Another exchange later in the month, as reported by the Manchester Evening News, still shows some cordiality between Benjamin Mendy and the complainant. Same approach of the French: “What are you doing?”

This time the woman replied: “Have you sobered up?”. All accompanied by a smiling emoji. When the French joked with a “still a little drunk”, the third complainant replied that she was not surprised and with an astonishing “You were funny” given the accusations made since against the French.

The Manchester City side once again asked the young woman to go to his house to see him but she refused, assuring that she was already in bed.

“They just want to talk to people who used to go to Ben’s”

Last series of text messages between two alleged victims of Mendy (the two young women accuse the footballer of having raped them in July 2021). Complainant number 4 wrote to her friend that the police had asked for a number to reach her but said: “I don’t think it’s something important, they just want to talk to you, she sent to his knowledge before adding. I think they just want to talk to people who used to go to Ben’s.”

And the fourth plaintiff to clarify later in the conversation “that she does not want to be too involved”. This alleged victim ultimately accused Mendy and testified before investigators in February 2022.

Continuation of the trial next Monday with the hearing of the sixth plaintiff.

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