Dejounte Murray says Spurs will ‘be losing’ for 15 years

Less than a month has passed since the shock of Dejounte Murray’s exit from the Spurs reverberated through San Antonio. In the days since Murray flew off to join the Atlanta Hawks, the love and respect between the former player and the team has been mutual, with the guard even calling the Spurs “first class.” All things considered, Murray’s recent social media comments, dooming the team to 15 years of losses, is sending another aftershock through the city.

Murray’s reported response, captured in multiple screenshots and screen recordings posted by fans, is a reply to an anonymous Instagram user who left the following comment:

“BYE fly little birdy….Good luck getting to the 2nd round at least we got the picks and we’re building around Keldon.”

Murray, never one to shy away from social media, responded an hour later.

“The Way That System Set Up You Gone Be Losing For The Next 15 Yrs!!! Problem Bigger Than Basketball,” his comment says.

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