Dallas eliminates Utah and Rudy Gobert in the first round of the play-offs

In trouble all evening with its outside shot (9 of 35, 26% success), Utah chose this weapon to try to overthrow Game 6 against Dallas in the dying seconds. But the attempt, however open, by Bojan Bogdanovic after a nice feint on Spencer Dinwiddie, was returned by the circle. Beaten Thursday night (96-98), the Jazz left the play-offs in the first round, for the third time in four years.

For his last game of the season, Rudy Gobert observed the Croatian’s last attempt from the sidelines, Quin Snyder having preferred to line up a five without inside after his last timeout, four seconds from the buzzer. The pivot of the Blues (10 points, 12 rebounds) had allowed Salt Lake City players to believe it with an impeccable defense on Luka Doncic, two possessions earlier. But a walk from Mike Conley on the counterattack returned the ball to Dallas.


Dallas won its first playoff series in 11 years and the victorious NBA Finals against the Miami Heat (4-2).

Another failure in the play-offs for the Jazz

Comfortably in the lead at halftime (53-41, 24th), Utah lost the lead in the third quarter. Jalen Brunson (24 points) and Luka Doncic (24 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists) gradually reduced the gap before Spencer Dinwiddie tipped Dallas in the lead with a winning shot (70-72, 34th). As since the start of the series, the Mavericks opposed Gobert an interior capable of shooting behind the arc to force the French pivot to choose between following this opponent or protecting the circle against opposing penetrations.

Led by eight points six minutes from the buzzer (80-88, 42nd), Utah equalized thanks to Donovan Mitchell (23 points, 9 assists) then Rudy Gobert, perfectly served by his teammate. Bojan Bogdanovic again brought the Jazz up to an award-winning shot, immediately returned by Jalen Brunson (94-97, 47th). The point guard, revelation of the series, then missed a crucial free throw in the final seconds to offer a match point to Quin Snyder’s men, finally missed by Bogdanovic.

Utah leaves its public on a new premature failure in the play-offs after being overthrown by Denver in the first round in 2020 (3-4) then by the Los Angeles Clippers in the conference semi-finals last season (2-4). An additional setback for the Salt Lake City franchise, led for eight years by Quin Snyder.

When it’s over, we have leaders who will ask questions and make decisions “Explained Gobert before the start of the play-offs. Franchise decision-makers will now get to work preparing for the offseason. For its part, Dallas will challenge Phoenix in the second round.


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