Dale Earnhardt Jr Sheds Some Light on “Emoji Guy” Martin Truex Jr’s Comments That Sent NASCAR Fans Into a Frenzy

Usually, the tone of a person conveys how they’re really feeling no matter what the words will have you believe. But that’s not always the case necessarily. Take, for instance, how the tone of the words of Martin Truex Jr. was misunderstood by a fan, prompting Dale Earnhardt Jr to clarify the reality.

The Joe Gibbs Racing driver gave an interview recently in which he spoke about his future.

And upon listening to this interview, the fan came to a conclusion that he isn’t “coming back next season”simply because Truex “Ssounds defeated, unenthusiastic and not optimistic.”


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This led to Dale Jr. throwing some perspective on Truex Jr’s personality as he replied, “No disrespect Blake. But that’s just how it sounds all the time. I’m surprised they got him on the phone. He said more in that call than he will say the rest of the month.”

“He’s an emoji guy. One, two word sentences and the most. Will give you a random “what the hell” (3 words) 😂.”

Albeit, many fans are still curious about this interview.

What did Martin Truex Jr say in his interview that got Dale Earnhardt Jr’s attention?

Despite Dale Earnhardt Jr’s clarification, the interview that Martin Truex Jr gave wasn’t entirely suspicion free. The veteran driver did talk about how he didn’t want to do anything half-heartedly. But more notable of his comments were about him looking back on his career.

“This sport is not easy. It’s very hard, it takes a lot of effort, it takes a lot of commitment. And I’ve never been one in my life to do anything half and half and if I’m gonna sign the paper and say, ‘I’m gonna race again next year,’ I wanna make sure that I’m 100% committed ,” he said.

“Because as I told you, 95% doesn’t get anything done.”


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May 28, 2022; Concord, NC, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Martin Truex Jr. (19) looks towards the scoring pod during Nascar Cup qualifying at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Truex Jr. added that he’s “getting closed” to what he’s gonna do next year.

But regardless of what happens, the JGR driver admitted that he’s had a great career, that he’s met and worked with a lot of great professionals who helped him win his races and championships.


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“I’ve been lucky but I’m not done yet. We’ll see what next year brings,” he added.

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