Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal outclass Switzerland in the Nations League

The Manchester United star was the source of the first Portuguese goal with a free kick in front of the entrance to the surface, struck on the ground and hard. Kobel, the Dortmund goalkeeper, pushed the ball badly. But William Carvalho followed in front of the Swiss goal line (1-0, 15th).

If the Portuguese mistreated a Swiss defense in lack of alignment, it is also because their three attackers were incisive and played to highlight their star. Diogo Jota cleverly found his captain behind, whose sudden strike left Kobel no chance (2-0, 35th). This same Cristiano Ronaldo followed a strike from the Liverpool striker to push the ball into the empty goal (3-0, 39th).

No question of going out after his 117th achievement in selection

Substitute entered after the hour against Spain (1-1, June 2), CR7 started this Sunday evening and still thirsty for goals. No question of going out after his 117th achievement in selection. So he insisted. And his teammates have often sought him out to help him increase this astronomical total. He could have scored a hat-trick if he had framed his recovery, two meters in front of goal, on a cross from Cancelo (42nd). Or if his strike had not been crossed too much in additional time in the first period (45th + 3).

At the end of the game, Kobel brilliantly opposed his free kick which took the path of the skylight (83rd). CR7 therefore did not obtain a hat-trick. But he still made his mother cry with joy, present in the stands of the sold-out Sporting Portugal stadium.


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