Corinna violently attacked: Michael Schumacher’s wife cracks in the middle of the ceremony!

It’s still one of the best kept mysteries on the planet and Corinna Schumacher and her people intend to keep her husband’s state of health a secret for a long time yet. Motor racing legend, Michael Schumacher won 7 Formula 1 world championship titles in his brilliant career, but unfortunately, once retired, he suffered a terrible accident. In December 2013, while skiing near Méribel, the German champion hit a rock in the skull and after several months in intensive care, he was able to return home to Switzerland.

No longer reappeared publicly for more than 9 years, the 53-year-old sportsman is the subject of all the rumors and very recently, the former manager of the champion, Willi Weber, explained in the columns of the Italian newspaper The Gazzetta dello Sport that he didn’t have “heard only lies from them [la famille, ndlr] go”. A terrible accusation from a relative of the one nicknamed the Red Baron and which must certainly have reached the ears of Corinna Schumacher. This is not the only accusation that the former manager makes, since at the time of the accident, he claims to have been treated in the worst way. “I’m starting to understand that they wanted to leave me out”he asserts.

Corinna in Cologne to pay tribute to her husband

For the time being, Corinna Schumacher did not wish to respond to her accusations from Willi Weber and she was busy elsewhere. Yesterday evening, the 53-year-old woman was in Germany and more precisely in Cologne where she attended with her daughter Gina the awarding of the State Prize of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to Michael Schumacher. A moment visibly very moving for the mother of Mick Schumacher, sinceshe couldn’t hold back her tears. For the occasion, she was also accompanied by a close family member, Jean Todt, former director of Ferrari at the time when the German built his legend (all photos can be found in the slideshow).

A moving moment for Corinna Schumacher, who was able to pay a beautiful tribute to her husband during this ceremony, just a few days after the virulent attacks of a relative of her husband.

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