CMR: Could the FAF seize the CAS?

Could the Algerian Football Federation, which received a negative response from the FIFA Referees Committee, appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport?

Although the Algeria – Cameroon Saga is over, the FAF could keep it going. The national authority says it is able to seize the CAS, even if FIFA considers the “case closed”.

An expressed wish

The structures in charge of Algerian football would have already prepared the after-recourse, and that, even before the verdict falls. On April 18, the Federation had expressed its desire to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, in the event of a disadvantageous response. ” In the event that the expected verdict is not favorable to the national team, the FAF is ready to seize the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne. “, reported the APS, quoting a member of the Federal Bureau.

Yesterday, it was the turn of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderezzak Sebgag. Asked, this Sunday, May 8, about a possible referral to the CAS, the MJS replied: “ We have received a letter from the International Football Federation, where it informs us of its final decision on the appeal filed by the FAF. And Algeria has the most absolute right to seize all the competent authoritiesin accordance with the FIFA statutes “.

What the law says

In accordance with article 57 of the FIFA Statutes, recourse to the Court of Arbitration for Sport is recognizedn disputes involving FIFA, Member Associations, Confederations, Leagues, Clubs, Players, Officials, Licensed Match Agents and Intermediaries. »

If the will to assert their rights is manifest among the leaders, they will not have more than three weeks to lodge an appeal with the CAS. ” The jurisdiction of the CAS is defined in art. 58 of the FIFA Statutes, which provides that all appeal against the final decisions taken by the judicial bodies of FIFA as well as against decisions taken by confederations, member associations or leagues must be filed with the CAS under 21 days from the date of receipt of the decision in question “, states the regulation.

However, the FAF, which received a negative response from the Referees Committeewould not be able to appeal to the CAS, because the text of the law does not include the decisions of the Referees Committee.The decisions made by the disciplinary committee and the appeal committee may be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (tas), pursuant to the provisions of Articles 57 and 58 of the FIFA Statutes “, specifies Article 48 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, without mentioning other bodies.

Moreover, if the letter sent by the world body was considered laconic and without explanation, it is because ” the decisions of the judicial bodies of FIFA are rendered without reasons, and only these decisions are communicated to the parties, who are then informed that they have ten days from receipt of the notification to request the reasons in writing. If the reasons are not requested within the time limit, the decision becomes final and binding and the parties are then considered to have waived their right to appeal. “, can we read in paragraph 5.1 of the said code.


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