Classification Rally Rhône Charbonnières 2022


In a fight against Cédric Robert since the start for the head of the FRGT, Julien Saunier manages to sign his first scratch in CFR Asphalt! The Alpine driver is ahead of leader Yoann Bonato by half a second, the latter logically consolidating his place as leader, 6s6 ahead of Quentin Giordano, author of the 3rd time.

Performing well in SS3, Nicolas Ciamin is less at ease in this special and nevertheless concedes 2s8 and finds himself 15s3 behind the leading man at the end of this first loop.

Author of his best performance since the start, Cédric Robert was beaten in the FRGT but moved up to fourth place in scratch ahead of Hugo Margaillan by only three tenths. 6th, Julien Saunier came back very close thanks to his absolute best time in this special.

At the wheel of the only WRC on the grid, Eric Rousset is temporarily in the top 10, very close to Pierre Roché in 9th.

In the FRallyNat group, Ludovic Jeudy signed a third consecutive scratch but Sébastien Dommerdich remains very close!



N. Ciamin “We gave well, we’ll see what happens!”
Q. Giordano “I’m not very happy with my riding, I’m very hesitant and I don’t listen well.”
Y.Bonato “The car is incredible, it’s surprising, it’s really fun and you don’t get scared. It’s honestly really good. I don’t think I’ve ever driven such an efficient car.”
D. Salanon “It’s ok, first time I’ve done this special! Basically, we are 5/6 tenths behind the guys in front and I think it’s not too bad for a recovery in the league. We will try to do better in the next loop.”
C.Robert “The Alpine is doing great in this special, it’s not bad.”
H. Margaillan “It’s not bad, I feel good in the car, I have a good pace. It was clean in this one but I still lack a bit of confidence.”
E.Mauffrey “We didn’t do anything stupid but we are struggling to find the rhythm of the race. We lack rhythm but we feel that it is coming back.”
F. Bernardi “I’m not comfortable in fast, lack of driving, lack of confidence…I don’t want to do anything stupid right now. We have done our problem and we know what we have to work on. We are going to work well for the second loop.”
K. Bochatay “A little better than in the other specials, we try to hold on to the grades. You have to take miles to get used to the car but it’s going in the right direction.”
J. Saunier “This one is really pleasant, we take a lot of sideways, a lot of sliding too and I think that we have to modify a little setup elsewhere. She is fun! It’s fun to do the scratch!”

NEXT SPECIAL: SS4- Bibost – Bessenay – Montrottier (14.68 km) from 3:32 p.m. (Friday April 29, 2022)

Classification SS3 / After SS3 (13.18 km)

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