Christophe Galtier: “Twenty minutes completely next to our pumps”

“We saw two faces of Nice…
In the first period, we deserved to lead, surely more broadly, we were in the right direction, there was rhythm, intensity, a desire to score, to attack. We were unfortunate with a shot on the crossbar, a shot that hit the double post, stops from the goalkeeper. And then there is the start of the second period, there are twenty minutes where we are completely off our feet and we give hope to a team which seemed in great difficulty, by setting less pace, losing the battle middle. We completely collapsed in the first twenty minutes. Afterwards, somehow, we tried to push, without success. It is a very big disappointment. We had our destiny in our hands. We will have to win in Reims and we will cross our fingers so that the direct competitors get caught in the carpet a little.

All other results are unfavorable to you…
In terms of results, at the break we are very good, in the 95th minute, we are really not well. It’s like that. I couldn’t explain what happened in the first half against Saint-Etienne (0-2 then 4-2, Wednesday), and there, hot, I cannot explain what happened at the start of the second period. I see that we didn’t defend well in the middle, we didn’t defend well up front to put pressure on this team.

Did you see this black hole coming?
No. I told my players that we shouldn’t try to hold the result, that we had to continue to produce, to put even more danger. We didn’t get there. For what reason, I don’t know, is it because it’s the third match of the week… But obviously, it’s a result that sticks in our throats.

A word on the stadium’s tribute to Emiliano Sala…
It’s a good initiative from everyone, from the club, but also from all the spectators who were at the stadium. There was what there was three days ago. There was a tribute there, I dare to hope that it will erase what happened against Saint-Etienne. It was the least of things. »


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