Chris Paul is Mister 100%, Dallas ejects Utah, Philly breathes

The results of the night in the NBA

Sixers @Raptors: 132-97
Suns @Pelicans: 115-109
mavs @Jazz: 98-96

Dallas Mavericks-Utah Jazz: 4-2

The Mavs finally won a series of playoffs, which had not happened to them since their title in 2011. Dallas confirmed the momentum anticipated since the start of the series by kicking Utah out of the post-season. The Jazz will have huge regrets that will probably not be of much use when Danny Ainge and Justin Zanik begin the dismantling of the team during the offseason.

Utah led by 12 points at the break with a Game 7 looming on the horizon. Everything was going well, with a good distribution of tasks and efficiency. Then, crash, as they said in 1932. The combativeness and lucidity of Quin Snyder’s men remained in the locker room and Dallas completely blew up the Jazz in the 3rd quarter. Despite this, Utah hung on and can bite their fingers on two situations in particular.

The first on a march of Mike Conley 5 seconds from the end when his team was only one point behind and the ball in his possession. The second on a completely open 3-point shot for Bojan Bogdanovic at the buzzer, missed by the Croatian when the public at the Vivint Smart Arena was ready to explode and celebrate a victory on the wire.

Luka Doncic, who had 24 points, 9 assists and 8 rebounds, is celebrating the first winning streak of his NBA career. Dallas will face Phoenix in the Conference Semifinals (see below), as the Jazz prepare for a tumultuous week.

Rudy Gobert (10 points, 12 rebounds in 36 minutes on 6 shots) and Donovan Mitchell (23 pts, 9 pds, 8 rbds) probably played their last match together and it may be better that way as the two men no longer seemed able to collaborate as effectively after having all the same experienced very good seasons together .

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Philadelphia Sixers – Toronto Raptors: 4-2

Doc Rivers will not become the first coach to squander a 3-0 in a playoff series. The Sixers didn’t flinch and, after a tight first half, sped up without the Raptors being able to find a solution. Joel Embiid (33 pts, 10 rebounds), James Harden (22 pts, 15 wts) and Tyrese Maxey have operated in the Big Three, Tobias Harris ending in double-double (19 pts, 11 rebounds) to confirm the awakening of an apathetic team in the last two matches. Philly went 70-36 to Toronto after the break…

Without Fred VanVleet and probably lacking in juice after high-flying games 4 and 5, Nick Nurse’s players leave these NBA playoffs with great promise for the future, in a season where we thought we’d see them lower and much less competitive. .

Philadelphia won’t have much time to savor this breath of fresh air. As of Monday, Doc Rivers’ men will be in Miami for Game 1 of a series against an opponent who has other weapons than the Raptors to deploy. We imagine that Jimmy Butler, in particular, really wants to make the Sixers pay …

Phoenix Suns – New Orleans Pelicans: 4-2

We believed for a half that the evils of the Suns were more serious than we thought and that a game 7 in Phoenix was looming. Led by 10 points at the break by New Orleans, the finalists in title found their signature move: to obliterate the opposing team in the last two quarters. One man embodied this revival, for what will remain as one of his greatest individual accomplishments in the playoffs: Chris Paul.

The Suns point guard, who found his backcourt partner Devin Booker (13 pts in 32 min), was simply perfect at the finish, scoring 33 points at … 14/14! CP3 became the player to score the most points in an NBA playoff game without missing a shot. The All-Star point guard added 8 assists to his copy and contaminated his partners in terms of address. Phoenix shot 60% in this encounter, with interesting additions from Deandre Ayton (22 pts), Mikal Bridges (18 pts) and Cam Johnson (13 pts).

The Pelicans started the game really well and finished with 50% skill, which isn’t given to everyone against Phoenix, but it lacked a bit of consistency and juice after the break. Brandon Ingram (21 pts, 11 pds) still showed good things, like a collective that we did not expect at such a party. The future is much brighter at NOLA than it was a few weeks ago.

For Phoenix, the sequence of operations leads to Dallas, which the Suns will face next week in the Conference semifinals with a game 1 in Arizona.

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