Chiefs’ Wanya Morris talked a lot about Trey Smith

The night the Kansas City Chiefs selected offensive tackle Wanya Morris with the No. 92 pick in the third round of the NFL Draft, an old friend was one of the first to reach out to him: the starting right guard of Kansas City Trey Smith, who played left guard alongside Morris during his time at Tennessee (2019-20) before moving to Oklahoma (2021-22).

“We talked a lot,” Morris said before Kansas City’s first minicamp practice. “Me and Jerome [Carvin] — he is there and has signed; [a] free agent signed. and credo [Humphrey] Also. So we cut it a lot.

Morris and Smith marveled at their friendship – and the time they spent as teammates to come full circle.

“We are blessed to be in this opportunity,” Morris said, “[to] playing side by side again – if I get the chance – and just being able to have fun together, play ball together.

At first, Morris looked like he had a good chance of winning the starting right tackle position next to Smith – that is before Kansas City signed eight-year veteran Donovan Smith on Wednesday night.

When asked, Morris said the Chiefs haven’t spoken to him about bringing Smith into the fold. His only goal was to make sure he was conditioned for the weekend minicamp which runs from Saturday to Monday.

“They’re on a quick attack,” he began – before stopping to correct himself. “GOOD, We NOW. We execute a quick attack – and you need to make sure you can keep up with the vets. I just want to make sure I stay in shape… Come in, don’t expect anything. Be ready to work and condition. So that’s what I did: run. I ran a lot. »

Morris played both left and right during his college career. It’s likely he’ll continue to alternate between the two positions throughout rookie minicamp and the offseason.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs revealed their rookie jersey numbers on Saturday morning. Morris chose No. 64.

“6 plus 4 equals 10, and I’m a 10,” he laughed. “I’ve had it since high school, so I’ve really stuck with it. My freshman year, I transferred to college, and that’s the number I chose. I just stuck with it – and it stuck with me.

Morris believes his time at two schools will help him transition to the pros.

“I’ve played in a lot of different offenses,” Morris said. “This [Chiefs offense] is just another thing to learn. Just try to be relatable – relating to other things you know and then you can understand faster. Certainly similarities – but the difference here is that we end up in the group. We don’t have to worry about running to the line.

“That’s the difference, but we cover it the same way. I’m trying to use the same things I did in Oklahoma to move here to Kansas City.

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