Charles Barkley given a massive $50-75 million a year boost to leave Shaquille O’Neal and Inside the NBA

Everything comes with a price, for Charles Barkley a chance to double your fortune comes at the cost of leaving Inside the NBA, his home.

Looks as though when the pastures are greener on the other side, people will tend to flock to it. This statement might hold some truth for Charles Barkley.

The long-time media personality and NBA legend has made his chops as a vocal anchor on Inside the NBA. He has been with them for decades and people love him.

LIV Golf is the latest to try and disrupt the monopoly of the PGA. This time they know how to get players to their side, by lining their pockets with cash, lots of it.

Barkley is an amateur golfer and while he might not have the same chops as some others, he can be a great analyst and commentator.

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Charles Barkley speaks to LIV Golf, and might leave Inside the NBA for a $50-75 million purse!

Charles himself said that he would be speaking to LIV Golf on Wednesday night and as per some rumors, two pieces of news have emerged.

The first is that he might have to leave Inside the NBA in favor of LIV Golf. This could be spelling an end for his media career and credibility, after all, Inside is where he made his name.

The second is the size of the purse. We knew the lure and as per some sources, the purse could be as big as $75 million a year!

While we don’t know the actual size of the deal, that kind of money is hard to turn down and for one, we cannot blame Charles. Stay tuned to this space to learn more about Charles Barkley and LIV Golf as it unfolds.

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