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Red lantern in Ligue 1, Bordeaux could definitely fall into the ravine on Wednesday. Indeed, the Girondin club will be relegated if Saint-Tienne wins over Nice.

Bordeaux could be relegated to L2 on Wednesday.

It is a monument of French football which could collapse this Wednesday. Red lantern in Ligue 1, Bordeaux has a good chance of finishing in Ligue 2 at the end of the season. A possible fall in the next few hours.

Bordeaux relegated if ASSE wins

Indeed, the supporters of the Girondin club will cross their fingers and all that can be crossed for a victory for Nice. The FCGB, which has 4 points less than Saint-tienne, 18th and virtual play-off, can be officially relegated to Ligue 2 in the event of success of the Greens on the Gym during a late match of the 36th day. With 7 points behind if ASSE wins the Allianz Riviera, Benot Costil’s partners, who only won two small matches in 2022, would no longer have a chance of saving their skins.

A utopian posture

Even in the event of Saint-tienne’s defeat against the Aiglons, maintaining it seems utopian for the Aquitaine team. In addition to having to rely on missteps from Saint (31 points) and Metz (28 points), Bordeaux (27 points), which benefits from a catastrophic goal average (-41, against -32 for ASSE and – 30 for Metz), will have to win against Lorient and Brest in the last two games to, at best, grab 18th place. Suffice to say that the fans will have to prepare for a first season in L2 since 1991-1992 and a first sporting relegation for 62 years.

The calendars of Bordeaux, Saint-tienne and Brest

Bordeaux-Lorient (J37)
Brest-Bordeaux (J38)

ASSE-Reims (J37)
Nantes-ASSE (J38)

Metz-Angers (J37)
Paris SG-Metz (J38)

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